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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Nostradamus, the Link to Saint John's Apocalypse

In the last five centuries much has been written about Nostradamus, so I will abstain from repeating what has already been covered over and over before.  In this website I will attempt to explain the real essence of Nostradamus’ purpose in life and what his predictions truly represent.

Since Nostradamus’ death in 1566, he has been known as a psychic with extraordinary powers to see the future, but his reputation has predominantly been that of a psychic who dealt primarily with negative predictions.  During the five hundred plus years that elapsed since his death, none of his commentators and interpreters had anything extraordinary or positive to say about Nostradamus.  Those that reviewed and scrutinized his quatrains, they all recognized him as a powerful medium, but no one ever considered the possibility that he was a prophet with a divine objective to save mankind from self destruction.

It is reasonable to assume that some readers may view my interpretations of a psychic with skepticism.  In the case of Nostradamus, I am, indeed, fully aware that it is difficult for the human mind to accept that a psychic could foresee precise events several centuries ahead of his time.  However, my initial suspicions about Nostradamus proved correct and beyond any expectations.

Nostradamus wrote nine hundred and forty-one predictions in the form of four-line poems, referred to as quatrains.  Out of all these predictions, there is no doubt that a percentage of them were either wrong or did not materialize.  Other predictions were not properly interpreted because of the convoluted way in which they were purposely written.  This category includes some of my interpretations.  However, what is unquestionably astonishing is the fact that Nostradamus predicted current unfolding events several centuries in advance with the precision of a neurosurgeon.  This is an indisputable fact.  For skeptics, atheists, and unbelievers the acid test is Nostradamus’ predictions on:

·         Large Scale Migration (Century II, quatrain 95), June 15, 2016.

·         Iran (Century I, quatrain 70), December 28, 2013.

·         Osama bin Laden (Century VI, quatrain 80 and century V, quatrain 25), September 16, 2013

·         The Downfall of Asia (Century IV, quatrain 50), September 22, 2015.

·         Global Warming (Century I, quatrain 69), December 9, 2008.

·         The Presumed Date of North Korea’s Nuclear Attack (Century VIII, quatrain 77), November 8, 2016.

·         The Destruction and Rebuilding of New Orleans and the Downfall of the President (Century III, quatrain 40), December 11, 2008.

A noteworthy observation that needs to be pointed out is the fact that Nostradamus’ predictions are, unquestionably, considerably more critical and important to our generation than the majority of his other, past, predictions, which are relatively trivial in comparison.  It is important however to recognize that even though predictions that apply to past events may be deemed trivial or less important to our generation, they have played a very important and critical role in establishing Nostradamus’ past credibility.  The noteworthy point and critical distinction I would like to make is that for our generation, Nostradamus’ existence transcends the role of merely being a good psychic.  His true role may have been that of a divinely-inspired prophet. His raison d'ĂȘtre may be the fulfillment of The New Testament.  Let me please explain.

Previous Nostradamus interpreters and commentators viewed him as a typical psychic who dealt with common everyday-type predictions.  I believe he was more than a typical psychic.  I believe Nostradamus was a divine messenger, just like the prophets of the Old Testament, and that he is the link to The New Testament’s reference of the Apocalypse/Second Coming.

My observations and comments in this website are contrary to every commentary written about Nostradamus in the last five hundred years since his birth.  What renders my observations and comments noteworthy -- and undoubtedly incredible – is the fact that in century III, quatrain 94, Nostradamus has already predicted with the outmost detail what I would do precisely five hundred years after his birth.  In fact, in the same quatrain Nostradamus admits he knew that he was a prophet destined by Divine Will to try to save mankind from self destruction. 

There should be no lingering doubts about it.  Four hundred and fifty years ago Nostradamus admitted it himself in the quatrain cited below, and I document the precise reasons for it in my paper Witnesses of the Apocalypse and of the Second Coming included in this website.  

In Century III, quatrain 94, he says (and I quote from Erika Cheetham’s book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1986 edition, The Berkley Publishing Group):

  • For five hundred years more they will take notice
  • of him who was the ornament of his age.  Then
  • suddenly a great revelation will be made which
  • will make people of that century well pleased.

I am fully aware that what I am writing will surprise many readers.  The readers’ reaction is natural.  I realize what thoughts are already going through readers’ minds as they are going through these pages.  Wow, how could this be true!  How could it happen?  Is this guy in his right mind?  Is he making up this story?  I fully recognize the readers’ predicament because I too am questioning the events that are transpiring.  I am just as perplexed because I find it highly unusual to be involved in what I am about to tell you. 

What I am writing is true, and it is fully validated in the afore-mentioned quatrain.  The quatrain provides a factual validation, which, I trust, is indisputable.  There should be no doubt about it.  Four hundred and fifty years ago Nostradamus already made absolutely sure that there would be no lingering doubts about what I am writing by giving us his detailed account in the quatrain.  The quatrain is clear and precise.  It should leave no doubts about the message he conveys.  His expression “Then suddenly a great revelation will be made…” infers a de facto admission that Nostradamus knew he was a divine prophet and that his message to the people of the twenty-first century was intended to save their planet and mankind.  My interpretation of what Nostradamus really was is indeed a great revelation – to use his own words.  We could reasonably assume that century III, quatrain 94, represents his Last Will and Testament.  It says it all in four short lines.

I will first narrate how I got involved with Nostradamus.  I will then explain what he is telling us in the above quatrain, and lastly I will relate the contents of his quatrain as to how I fit in this overall picture.

I purchased Erika Cheetham’s book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus, in 1987 at an airport while waiting to catch a connection flight.  Between the date of purchase and 2003 I read the book at least three times but none of the quatrains made any sense.  I could neither relate them to any ongoing geopolitical events, nor could I understand anything he was saying.  Everything appeared to be a bunch of gobbledygook.  In fact, many quatrains were so convoluted and metaphorical, they made no sense.  In disgust and utter frustration I put the book away and forgot about it until 2003.

In 2003 George W. Bush and Dick Cheney decided to invade Iraq.  By pure coincidence that same year I was thinking of investing the cash I had in two oil exploration and production companies, Apache and Anadarko.  However, Bush’s decision to invade Iraq made no sense and it unnerved me.  I considered his decision totally irrational and unjustifiable to the point I wondered what other crazy thing these two guys would do.  I was concerned that if our administration kept making the wrong decisions, market volatility could skyrocket.  The markets could collapse.  I couldn’t afford to lose any money.  My total lack of trust in the administration led me back to the Nostradamus book. 

The Nostradamus book was my last resort.  Maybe Nostradamus had written a prediction related to a Bush event I had missed before.  I decided to take another fresh look at what he may have written.  This time I did not find any predicted events brought about by the Bush administration, other than the prediction on New Orleans which addressed the President’s demise due to his Iraq decision (interpretation is included in this website).  However, this time, to my great surprise, all of a sudden, several of his predictions made perfect sense.  I could understand several metaphorical symbolisms.  What attracted me most were the quatrains referring to global warming, climate change, the rise of the sea level and subsequent submergence of coastal areas, Osama bin Laden, and numerous quatrains Nostradamus had written about the third antichrist – this evil man from beyond Tartary (inferring North Korea), who would kill and sicken millions of people and would contaminate the entire planet with radioactivity.

Nostradamus’ predictions related to North Korea’s nuclear attack were so graphic, so descriptive of an upcoming cataclysmic devastation, I immediately realized that Nostradamus was trying to convey to mankind a warning of what is about to come.  Looking at all those quatrains I got the distinct impression Nostradamus wanted to raise mankind’s awareness of the impending dangers.  His predictions were totally unlike any other psychic I had encountered.  His predictions did not appear to be typical psychic messages, but a graphic portrayal of Saint John’s Apocalypse.  My immediate reaction was “This guy is not a psychic.  He is a divine prophet”.  That is when I realized that Nostradamus was giving mankind a religious message for our physical survival and spiritual enlightenment.  That sudden awareness of North Korea’s existential threat motivated me to start writing my interpretations, which I subsequently posted on on December 2003.

The year 2003 is a crucial date, a very crucial date.  Nostradamus was born December 1503.  I posted my interpretations on my website on December 2003, but at that time I did not know anything about Nostradamus’ birth date.  As I vividly recall, it was early December 2003.  I had just posted the initial batch of my interpretations on the website. One evening I was watching the History channel, channel 269, on DirecTV.  I was watching a program on Nostradamus and they happened to discuss century III, quatrain 94.  They explained the prediction (century III, quatrain 94) saying five hundred years after Nostradamus’ birth date someone would say something positive about him which would please people. December 2003, the date I posted my interpretations on the Internet, is exactly five hundred years from Nostradamus’ birth date.  His prediction could not have been more accurate.  It met both the number of years and the precise month. 

I had read the aforementioned prediction a few weeks before the posting of my interpretations on the Internet but had not paid any attention to its importance.  My mind was focused primarily on quatrains relevant to the world devastation which would be brought about by the third antichrist from North Korea.  But this time, after hearing the interpretation of the quatrain on DirecTV, I got curious.  I searched Nostradamus’ birth date.  It was December 1503.  Knowing that my interpretations as well as their timing met precisely what the quatrain predicted, I started to wonder.  Could it be me?  No way.  I was not a Nostradamus scholar.  I did not know much.  I had not yet interpreted many quatrains.  Furthermore, the religious paper I wanted to write linking Nostradamus to Saint John’s Apocalypse, I had not even started.  

Additional details will be posted in the future.  The spiritual message of Nostradamus was posted on December 2008.