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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Presumed Date of North Korea's Nuclear Attack

Previous interpretations of this quatrain were posted on December, 2003 and http://currentpredictions, September 28, 2010.  The quatrain was updated July, 2016.

Century VIII, Quatrain 77:
The antichrist very soon annihilates the three, twenty seven years his war will last.  The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks:
Until recently I was under the impression that Nostradamus had not given us a specific date of North Korea’s nuclear attack, other than telling us the nuclear attack would take place shortly after the passing of the 2000 millennium (see century II, quatrain 46).

In previous interpretations of quatrains relating to North Korea I erroneously assumed that the attack would take place during Kim Jong Il’s lifetime.  My assumptions were wrong and totally unfounded.  Kim Jong Il did not possess neither the number of missiles, the missile delivery technology, nor the number of nuclear warheads in order to mount a devastating nuclear attack in the scale described by Nostradamus.  Due to the high level of secrecy in North Korea I had erroneously assumed that maybe North Korea was fully armed and ready.  After Kim Jong-un’s inauguration I realized that Nostradamus has also given us the date of the third antichrist’s nuclear attack. My suggestion to the readers of this quatrain is “Take a good look at both this quatrain and all the others related to North Korea.  Evaluate them.  Scrutinize them.  You be the judge.  Our lives and mankind’s existence depend on our conclusions.”

General Comments:
Kim Jong Il passed away in 2011.  Kim Jong-un was declared the supreme leader of North Korea immediately following the state funeral of his father on December 2011.

In this quatrain Nostradamus writes that the antichrist’s war will last twenty-seven years.  If the assumption that the antichrist refers to Kim Jong-un is correct and the 27th year is the presumed date of his nuclear attack, then the projected date of the attack is circa December 2038.  The date is calculated by adding 27 years to 2011, the year he was declared supreme leader.

Note Nostradamus’ expression “…twenty-seven years his war will last.”  So far, this is a correct prediction.  Kim Jong-un has been on a war footing from the very first day he assumed power.  Since his very first day in power his primary objective has been to enhance North Korea’s missile and nuclear capability.  His constant stated objective has been the annihilation of his enemies.  The relevance of Nostradamus’ expression to what has actually been happening is awesome.  Nostradamus could not express the North Korean situation any better. 

There are several Nostradamus’ indicators that the third antichrist refers to Kim Jong-un.  Let us examine them:

  • The expression “…twenty-seven years his war will last” so far applies to Kim Jong-un.

  • The clearest and most persuasive indicator could be the word “his”.  In other words Nostradamus validates that North Korea’s situation is a one-sided war.  Nobody is fighting Kim Jong-un.  He is the one who is at war with all his perceived enemies.

  •  Century II, quatrain 29 says “the man from the East will come out and strike everyone with his rod”.  This expression confirms that the third antichrist will come from the East.  North Korea is in the East.

  •  Kim Jong-un, like his father, has avoided travelling outside his country in order to preclude the opportunity of someone overthrowing him.  See what Erika Cheetham wrote (century II, quatrain 29) in her book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1986 edition, and I quote: “This is a curious verse.  The word sortira for ira indicates that the Easterner does not usually leave his country.”

  • In century II, quatrain 30, Nostradamus describes the third antichrist as “A man who revives the infernal Gods of Hannibal, the terror of mankind.  Never more horror…”  Based on our experience of what Kim Jong-un’s character is, when he has amassed a multitude of nuclear warheads, wouldn’t he be capable of being the third antichrist?  His up-to-date behavior should leave no doubt.

  • In century VI, quatrain 81 Nostradamus describes the third antichrist as follows: “…an inhuman cruel heart, black, and cold.”  Isn’t this description befitting Kim Jong-un based on his behavioral pattern up-to-date?

  • In century V, quatrain 54 Nostradamus writes that the third antichrist would come from a country East of China.  The only country East of China that has a nuclear capability is North Korea.

In this quatrain Nostradamus predicted that the antichrist would “soon annihilate the three”, the three presumably being the current three superpowers, China, Russia, and the U.S.  This expression infers that Nostradamus had been aware that during our time period the world would have three superpowers.  This part of the prediction is also correct.

The question we need to raise at this time is “Is it feasible for North Korea to annihilate all three of the superpowers?”  What does Nostradamus infer with his prediction?  What is he really telling mankind?  I believe Nostradamus is implying North Korea could devastate all three superpowers with radioactive saturation.  See below:

·         By the year 2038 North Korea would have developed and improved both the missile delivery and nuclear technology, and it could have ample time to produce well over one hundred nuclear warheads.

·         In century II, quatrain 29, Nostradamus clearly tells us that the antichrist would employ his nuclear arsenal indiscriminately, basically like confetti, “…will strike everyone with his rod.”  Nostradamus’ prediction implies that even though North Korea’s military power may be asymmetrical to those of the three superpowers, he could annihilate them with radioactive contamination.  If North Korea were to explode a multitude of nuclear warheads at different parts of the planet, the wind and rain would carry the radioactivity to the rest of the planet.  Kim Jong-un would not even need to hit any of the superpowers with a direct hit.  He would simply saturate the atmosphere with radioactivity.  Could anyone imagine the pandemonium that would immediately ensue?

·         Nostradamus’ use of the words annihilate the three, under the afore-cited circumstances is a perfect description of what could actually happen.  Think of all the nuclear warheads Kim Jong-un could explode!  If a madman decides to employ a multitude of nuclear weapons indiscriminately, he could basically pollute the entire planet with radioactive contamination (see the expression “…covering the earth”).  The three superpowers may indeed have the most sophisticated weapon systems and powerful armies, but of what value would all their sophisticated weapon systems be if their respective countries have been contaminated by massive radioactivity blown in by wind and rain?

·         Normal countries like England, France, Israel, India, Pakistan, China, Russia, and the U.S. may have nuclear capability, but it is reasonable to assume that their respective governments would probably consent to use nuclear weapons only in a limited way, and under special circumstances. In the final analysis the real value of nuclear weapons is their deterrence factor. Each one of these countries has a national heritage and national legacy.  They don’t want to be destroyed in a nuclear mutual exchange.  North Korea has no national heritage or national legacy.  Furthermore, the North Korean government has no checks and balances.  North Korea is Kim Jong-un, nothing else counts.  Kim Jong-un does not even care about his own relatives.  He does not care about his own people.  Would he care about the rest of the world, especially if he knows that he has amassed a plethora of nuclear toys, enough to pollute the entire atmosphere?  An equally important concern is, “who would, within his government, dare to advise him otherwise, or prevent him from carrying out his order?”  His generals are scared to death of him.

The last line of this quatrain confirms that the leaders of the three superpowers would not take any preemptive action and the prediction of the third antichrist’ nuclear attack would be fulfilled.

The word “unbelievers” refers to those people that would not put any credence to Nostradamus’ prediction that Kim Jong-un would order a nuclear attack.

The word “captive” refers to the people who for one or another reason would not be able to relocate elsewhere, to a presumably radioactive-free area, and they would remain in their presumably contaminated environment.

The word “exiled” refers to people who would have the means to move/migrate to other areas.  The word “exiled” insinuates that they did not really want to move but had to move due to the prevailing circumstances.

Nostradamus’ expression “…human bodies, water… covering the earth” is interpreted as follows:  After such widespread catastrophic devastation we could reasonably assume that several areas of the planet would remain highly radioactive and uninhabited for several decades, probably centuries.  Those areas would remain untouched, including the bodies of the perished.  They would be in a “no man’s land.”  Furthermore, Nostradamus insinuates that “sometime” following North Korea’s nuclear attack the sea level would rise and the dead bodies would remain scattered around the planet at the low elevation lands which would gradually be submerged.  In other words Nostradamus ties in the North Korean nuclear attack with climate change and the ensuing rise of the sea level.  I believe the description he portrays in this quatrain is not an instantaneous picture of how the planet would look like at an instant, but a description of how the planet would look like over many years, probably over many decades.

The words “red hail” cannot be interpreted.  It could be something relating to the aftermath of the nuclear explosions.  Nostradamus could be referring to radioactive debris, or he could possibly be referring to ground areas that received contaminated rainfall particles which would become “hot spots”.