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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lessons Learned

The predictions I interpreted were in Erika Cheetham’s book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus, 1986 edition, Berkeley Publishing Group.  For the readers that would be interested in pursuing the interpretation of Nostradamus’ predictions, it is recommended you purchase the book and periodically review the predictions of interest.

I readily recognize that not all of my interpretations are one hundred per cent correct.  In several of the quatrains, by not limiting myself to strictly interpreting them, I surely made mistakes which I will discuss below.  In the process I learned certain things which may be of value to future generations of interpreters.  Lessons learned are categorized below.

The outcome of all my interpretations is that even if I have made mistakes in trying to guess the timing of an event, or assuming a totally irrelevant scenario that could bring about the fulfillment of a prediction, I was able to interpret fully a good number of very important Nostradamus quatrains.  I was able to prove that several of his predictions could be interpreted at an early stage as the event was unfolding, or about to unfold.  I was able to prove that Nostradamus was indeed capable of predicting events with the accuracy of a neurosurgeon.  I was able to prove that Nostradamus’ predictions are valuable tools to mankind and that the effort to continue trying to interpret them is justifiable, even though the task may be daunting and time consuming.

Quatrains Pertaining to the Third Antichrist:
I am addressing this observation as the first lesson learned because it is undoubtedly the most important message in Nostradamus’ entire book of predictions.  As readers evaluate, question, and scrutinize the quatrains related to the third antichrist, I hope, they will realize that Nostradamus does not only give mankind a plethora of precise information on the predicted North Korean nuclear attack, but more important, he employs all these interrelated and synergistic quatrains to convey to our generation an extraordinary message of a potentially cataclysmic devastation, and in tandem offers mankind a message of spiritual enlightenment. 

Nostradamus has written several quatrains pertaining to the third antichrist (most of these predictions were posted on  On the basis of information provided in all these quatrains related to North Korea’s predicted nuclear attack and the befitting psychological diagnosis of the third antichrist himself, the logical conclusion is that all these quatrains pertain to Kim Jong-un of North Korea.  Furthermore, all these predictions are relevant to ongoing and unfolding North Korean events.  However, the most noteworthy characteristic of all these interrelated and synergistic quatrains on North Korea may not necessarily be their “predictive” attributes.  In this particular case, it would be reasonable to consider the possibility that Nostradamus may not have given mankind all these predictions for the sake of predicting what would happen.  In the case of the predictions relating to North Korea, Nostradamus could actually be giving mankind an impassionate warning message – do something to save mankind before it is too late.  If this is not what his intention was, why would he be covering the North Korean nuclear attack so extensively and with such obvious clarity?  For example, in several quatrains Nostradamus pointed out that the third antichrist would come from the East.  This message is repetitive.  Without naming North Korea itself, Nostradamus went out of his way to provide mankind enough persuasive pointers so we would recognize that the third antichrist would come from North Korea.  The multitude of quatrains on North Korea/the third antichrist and the degree of repetition of valuable information could infer that Nostradamus wanted to make absolutely sure we don’t miss the critical importance of his prediction.

Nostradamus could be trying to convince mankind that in the case of the third antichrist the concept of nuclear deterrence won’t work.  Nostradamus could also be telling mankind that his predictions regarding the third antichrist do not have to materialize, but we need to act, and we need to act soon, very soon.  Nostradamus could be telling the leaders of the three superpowers that in the case of North Korea, passivity, lassitude, inaction, vacillation, and procrastination won’t work.  He could be telling the leaders of the three superpowers that benign neglect to avoid life threatening decisions would definitely result in a cataclysmic catastrophe.  Had the Western Powers paid attention to Hitler’s and Japan’s military preparations well before the start of the World War II hostilities, World War II could possibly have been avoided, or, if not, the West would have been in a much stronger posture to react more decisively.  And, in the case of a more recent event, ISIS would not have accomplished what it did if the U.S. administration had the foresight to react early in the game.  The unfolding situation in Iraq and Syria was just too obvious to be overlooked.  There were no rational excuses for our passivity.  The same holds true for North Korea.  Mankind needs an effective resolution to this progressively deteriorating situation, which we should have known by now that it is bound to become more critical as time goes by.  Unfortunately history tends to repeat itself simply because politicians are inclined to take the easy way out.

Regarding the third antichrist, Nostradamus is very specific.  Nostradamus is clearly warning mankind that the North Korean leadership is too evil and should not be trusted.  If on March 26, 2010, a North Korean submarine torpedoed ROKS Cheonan, a South Korean ship, for no apparent reason (with the ensuing loss of 46 crewmen), think what North Korea could do to the planet and particularly to the Middle East when both their missile delivery technology and nuclear technology have reached a much higher level of perfection and devastation.  Think about it. “Who within Kim Jong-un’s government could stop him from pushing the button?  Who would dare offer an advice contrary to his thinking?”  Take a good look at the faces of his generals.  They fear for their life.  They are all scared to death.  They are petrified with fear when they interact with Kim Jong-un.  Note what happened to his uncle. 

I readily recognize and appreciate China’s concern that an internal turmoil within North Korea could inundate China with North Korean refugees.  This is indeed a genuine concern, but has anyone considered the alternative?  Has anyone pondered how the three superpowers could control and pacify Kim Jong-un when he has amassed a multitude of state-of-the-art nuclear warheads and a more sophisticated missile delivery technology?  Could anyone imagine his ego when he perceives himself to be strong enough to destroy those he currently constantly threatens, those he dislikes, and/or those that may criticize or mock him?  Isn’t it time we tell him “enough is enough” and take the necessary action to get rid of him?  Surely there could be collateral damage, but it would be miniscule in comparison to what is predicted for the future.  No price could be high enough to stop a madman at an early stage before the devastation could become cataclysmic.

The last sentence of century VIII, quatrain 77, says “The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled; with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.”  What is Nostradamus telling us in this short but very noteworthy sentence?  Who does he refer to as unbelievers

In this short sentence Nostradamus is telling mankind no action will be taken by the three superpowers, and the cataclysmic devastation would take place.  The word “unbelievers” refers to the leaders of the three superpowers who would disregard Nostradamus’ prediction and to those who would give no credence to his prediction.  Even though Nostradamus lived four hundred and fifty years ago, he knew that his prediction would be interpreted and his predicted cataclysmic world devastation would become known (in fact, he clearly states this in century III, quatrain 94).  But, he also knew his prediction would not be deemed credible, and the leaders of the three superpowers would not take preemptive action against the third antichrist.  That is why he refers to them as unbelievers.  The rest of this short sentence in quatrain 77 describes the aftermath of North Korea’s nuclear attack. The devastation and death is very graphically described.

It should be noted the word “unbelievers could have a dual implication.  Nostradamus was a deeply religious person.  He knew, and strongly believed, whatever psychic messages he was receiving were coming from our Creator.  Therefore, with the same word Nostradamus could be implying that this cataclysmic devastation would take place because people would have no faith in God’s omniscient power.  In the final analysis, Nostradamus’ prediction could be a reality check of our faith in our Creator.  For more details of century VIII, quatrain 77 (titled The Presumed Date of North Korea’s Nuclear Attack), see the interpretation dated November 2016.

Consideration of the Time Period in which Nostradamus Lived:
As you read, ponder, and/or scrutinize Nostradamus’ interpretations (now or in the future) and you are trying to determine why Nostradamus may have described something this way or that way, consider the period in which he lived and what the living conditions were like at his time.  At the same time consider the fear he had that the Church could burn him alive at the stake as a heretic.  He lived during the dreaded Inquisition.   He had to be very careful as to how he wrote his predictions.

Nostradamus was born in 1503, he died in 1566.  During his lifetime there were no electricity, radios, televisions, cars, airplanes, missiles, etc.  The medical field was nowhere where it is today.  By today’s standards living conditions at his lifetime were difficult and somewhat primitive. 

Example referring to the description of missiles:
In century V, quatrain 54 he says “…and leave his bloody rod in Byzantium.” 

At this point assume you are Nostradamus and you get a visual image of a missile.  It looks slim and long with smooth surfaces.  You sense that this item could kill and maim people when it explodes.  In the case of Nostradamus we now know that he was a very powerful psychic and he could see, hear, and sense a lot more than the average psychic.  We don’t know whether he actually also knew the names of what we now use to refer to an airplane, a missile, etc.  Maybe this level of knowledge would not be that important.  But if you assume you are Nostradamus living at his time period, how would you describe a missile, a nuclear mushroom, or radioactive rain that sickens people and adversely impacts agricultural productivity?

Doesn’t a missile look slim and long?  I guess, calling it a rod is not a bad description.  To a person living four hundred and fifty years ago a rod had the form and looks of a missile.  It is actually a very appropriate description.  A noteworthy point about this quatrain is that he sensed, or somehow knew, that this thing he referred to as rod could sicken, maim, and kill people, so he further qualified his description by describing it as a bloody rod.  This prediction is one of his several quatrains that relate to the North Korean nuclear attack.  His reference to “Byzantium” infers the geographic area of the Byzantine Empire, not just Istanbul.

In the case of century II, quatrain 29, he writes “…and he will strike everyone with his rod.”  In this case he does not qualify the word rod, probably because he has already qualified it elsewhere.

In the case of Century III, quatrain 75 he writes “A very great plague will come with the great shell, relief near, but the remedies far away”. 

The inference in this quatrain is that Nostradamus is actually referring to a missile, but he focuses on the warhead itself and the ensuing results (see the words plague and shell)…Based on the description he gives us, we could reasonably assume he is referring to the explosion of a nuclear warhead.  See his qualifier “relief near but remedies far away.”  The inference from his expression is that people affected by radioactivity may have immediate access to medical assistance, but it won’t help them much.  Radioactivity cannot be readily removed from the body. 

This is a noteworthy quatrain because it shows clearly that Nostradamus was fully aware of the missiles’ destructive capability.  In fact, in this particular quatrain he even made a clear distinction between the warhead which he referred to as shell and the inferred missile which was the delivery medium.  Obviously Nostradamus could not only hear and see events, but he could also sense their far reaching attributes and ramifications. 

At this point let me pose a very critical question.  Would anyone believe me, if I said that Nostradamus actually witnessed the unfolding holocaust and all the human drama of the North Korean nuclear explosions?  Of course, he did not physically witness the nuclear explosions but he surely witnessed them visually, mentally, and emotionally.  He had to witness all that terror through psychic visualization, but such a terrifying experience must have left on him a psychological trauma.  The point I wish to emphasize is that he must have personally witnessed all that psychological terror, all the human misery, the pain and the suffering, the famine, and all the ensuing devastation – otherwise he would not have been able to portray the scenery so graphically, with so much clarity and accuracy, with such emotion, and with such great drama.  In fact, as you read the various expressions he uses to describe conditions and people’s suffering you may sense his personal indignation, pain, and suffering within Nostradamus’ quatrains.  I certainly do. 

At this point I would like to ask another question.  Could anyone imagine the psychological impact such a horrible experience would have had on the psyche of Nostradamus?  These terrifying images must have had a traumatic effect.  It must have been an incredibly horrific experience.  He must have suffered a great deal in order for him to bring all these predictions to our attention.  Warfare was not that violent and destructive in Nostradamus’ time.  Put yourself in his position and think about it for a few minutes.

Example of a description of a nuclear mushroom:
Century II, quatrain 46 says and I quote from Erika Cheetham’s book:

  • After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches
  • when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. 
  • It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease; 
  • In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks

In this quatrain Nostradamus witnessed the actual explosions of nuclear bombs.  He saw the nuclear mushroom plumes, and rightfully so, he described them as milk falling from the sky.  The reference to milk is an appropriate analogy.  The white plumes do look like milk.  The noteworthy point is that Nostradamus knew and fully understood the results of a nuclear explosion and he did not fail to jot them down.  In this short four-line quatrain he referred to disease, he inferred to radioactive rain that sickens people, and he referred to famine that would ensue from agricultural radioactive contamination.  This quatrain was interpreted in 2003 and was posted on

Think about the above examples for a few minutes.  This could be a very useful mental exercise.  It could help you better understand why he used the expressions he used in the various quatrains, and it could possibly help you, now or in the future, as you try to interpret additional predictions.

Example portraying the extent of Nostradamus’ psychic powers:
Century VI, quatrain 81 could very well be one of the best quatrains in Nostradamus’ entire book.  This quatrain shows the extent of his psychic powers.
I quote from Erika Cheetham’s book:

  • Tears, cries and wailing, howls, and terror, an inhuman
  • cruel heart, black and cold.  Lake Geneva,
  • the Islands, the main people of Genoa; blood pours,
  • hunger for wheat, mercy to none.

This quatrain clearly shows that Nostradamus could not only see events and hear noises/sounds, but he could also sense human emotions and human suffering (see the word terror).  This is an incredible and very graphic description of the outcome of a nuclear explosion.  I am sure the few Hiroshima and Nagasaki survivors would attest that their personal experience was identical to what Nostradamus described in this quatrain four hundred and fifty years ago. 

In this quatrain Nostradamus describes the third antichrist as “inhuman, cruel heart, black and cold.”  Obviously, Nostradamus’ extraordinary power could penetrate within the psyche of an individual.  But Nostradamus goes much further than describing the psyche of the third antichrist.  In this prediction Nostradamus also provides mankind a psychological description, or a psychoanalytic personality diagnosis, of the third antichrist.  See references to “an inhuman cruel heart, black and cold.”  This quatrain is indeed very scary because it portrays Kim Jong-un precisely as news media have depicted him time and time again. 

Metaphorical Symbolisms:
Nostradamus has used metaphorical symbolisms in his predictions extensively, and this practice has often made interpretation of his quatrains difficult – in some cases close to impossible to interpret.  I will venture to say that based on my personal experience, I reached the conclusion that the degree of difficulty relates to the maturity date of the prediction.  If a prediction is close to its maturity, or the prediction is about to start materializing, interpreting a metaphorical symbolism becomes much easier.  A good example may be century III, quatrain 40.  The title of this prediction is “The Destruction and Rebuilding of New Orleans and the Downfall of the President.”  Let us take a look at the quatrain and at the several metaphorical symbolisms and various other expressions Nostradamus used to depict this prediction.

  • The great theater will be raised up again, the dice
  • thrown and the nets already cast.  The great one
  • who tolls the death knell will become too tired,
  • destroyed by bows split a long time ago.

This quatrain was interpreted after hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005, but before it was rebuilt.  The initial clues to this quatrain were the words “great theater”, “dice’, and “nets”.  These words reminded me of the floating casinos in the vicinity of New Orleans and of the fishing industry in the Gulf of Mexico.  In addition, the news media explanations I heard as to why New Orleans was flooded by hurricane Katrina reminded me that the New Orleans geography looked like an old Greek amphitheater.  As I started pondering what the rest of the quatrain may refer to, the words “The great one who tolls the death knell …” reminded me of the daily reports from news media about the casualties in Iraq.  Once I started interpreting the first part of the quatrain, the rest was relatively easy. 

Another quatrain which has a couple of very fascinating metaphorical symbolisms is century X, quatrain 66.  I titled this quatrain “The Dreadful Antichrist.”  It was interpreted on September 6, 2004, posted on the website on December 2008, and it is included in this website.

  • The London premier through American power will
  • burden the island of Scotland with a cold thing. 
  • Reb the King will have so dreadful an antichrist
  • who will bring them all into the troubles.

Before you continue reading, it is suggested you take a look at the interpretation of the quatrain and see what I wrote back in 2004.  The readers who are over seventy-five years old would probably remember that when Harold Macmillan was England’s Premier, the U.S. negotiated an agreement (circa December 1962) for the American Polaris submarines to be based in Scotland.  The submarine base in Scotland automatically made the country a potential target of USSR because the submarines were capable of launching ballistic missiles.  I vividly recall reading articles in the newspapers about the concerns and complaints many Scotsmen had regarding this new submarine base.  Now let’s look how Nostradamus described this whole episode centuries before it happened.

The words “…will burden…” nicely depict the prevailing political conditions, fear, and concerns of Scotsmen following the construction of the submarine base.  These words are not a metaphorical symbolism, but two simple words describing the people’s feelings and fears succinctly and pointedly. 

Let us now look at how Nostradamus referred to the Polaris submarines. defines “Polaris” as “the polestar or North Star, a star of the second magnitude situated close to the north pole of the heavens.”  In plain English the word “Polaris” infers something cold, something related to the North Pole.  And this is precisely how Nostradamus described it.  He wrote “…will burden the island of Scotland with a cold thing.”  Now let us look at the rest of the quatrain.  It gets really tricky.

The expression “Reb the King” is a metaphorical symbolism, and it is a tricky one, at least it was for me.  In Nostradamus’ language the word “King” usually refers to the head of State.  That I knew, but what was the metaphorical symbolism of “Reb”, and who was Nostradamus referring to?

When I was interpreting this quatrain I tried over and over again to figure out what “Reb” symbolized, but to no avail.  I searched the Internet but at that time period there was no reference to the word “Reb”.  Then one day I happened to mention to a friend of mine the problem I had in interpreting the word “Reb”.  My friend had grown up in the deep South.  The minute I mentioned “Reb”, right away he said, “Oh that is Johnny Reb, the Confederate rebel, the defender of the South”.  I immediately went to the Internet to search for Johnny Reb.  Johnny Reb’s write-up looked identical to the portrayal George W, Bush was conveying to the American public – as the great defender of the country.  It all made perfect sense.  Nostradamus had equated George W. Bush’s personality to that of Johnny Reb. 

At this point I like to clarify details I failed to include in the 2004 interpretation of this quatrain: 

  • In the latter part of this quatrain Nostradamus writes “Reb the King will have so dreadful an antichrist who will bring them all into the troubles.”  The full explanation of the word “them”, which refers to the G-8 Summit participants, is already included in the original interpretation, and I will not repeat it here. Note that the verb “will” is in the future tense.  The G-8 Summit took place in July 2005.  The first North Korean nuclear test known to the West took place on October 9, 2006.  The inference from the wording is that at the time of the G-8 Summit the antichrist did not yet pose a threat, but he would present a threat in the future.

  • Nostradamus’ prediction that George W. Bush “will have so dreadful an antichrist…” is also correct.  Nostradamus’ reference of the antichrist was Kim Jong Il.  Both George W. Bush and Kiim Jong Il coexisted at the same time period.  Furthermore, North Korea’s nuclear program started during George W. Bush’s tenure.

  • In a previous paragraph I raised a question as to whether Nostradamus also knew the names we currently use to refer to things.  If readers have Erika Cheetham’s book and they look up century X, quatrain 66, the first line of Nostradamus’ prediction in the original French language in which the quatrain was written, says: “Le chef de London par regne l’Americh…”  In this quatrain Nostradamus did indeed refer to America as Americh.  So, Nostradamus could have been capable of a lot more than what is obvious to us in his predictions.  Note that at the time Nostradamus wrote this prediction the North American continent had not yet been discovered.

  • The most noteworthy characteristics of this quatrain are the level of detail and the amazing chronological accuracy of the cited events.  The significance of this quatrain is not only the extraordinary accuracy with which Nostradamus predicted detailed events that took place centuries later, but he was equally correct in their chronological sequence.  Note the chronological accuracy of Nostradamus’ events.  The G-8 Summit convened on July 2005.  North Korea’s first nuclear test took place on October 2006.  And, during George W. Bush’s tenure Kim Jong Il was in charge of North Korea feverishly working on his nuclear program.  Up to now, chronologically and factually this quatrain is a bull’s-eye hit.  Every single minute detail of the prediction hit its mark.

  • Note that in this quatrain Kim Jong Il is referred to as “antichrist”.  This is why back in 2003-4 I had mistakenly assumed that the antichrist, the person who would order the nuclear attack, was Kim Jong il.  In retrospect I realized that Nostradamus held Kim Jong il accountable for North Korea’s hostility towards other countries and for all the predicted future catastrophic events, and that is why he referred to him as antichrist.  But back in 2003 I had no way of knowing it.  Another reason why Nostradamus may have referred to Kim Jong Il as an antichrist is because it was Kim Jong Il who started North Korea’s nuclear program and pushed so hard to improve it and expand it.  It was also Kim Jong Il who selected Kim Jong-un to replace him upon his death.

  • One last comment about this quatrain, something the metaphorical symbolism “Reb the King” could imply.  There could be an implied irony in the metaphor “Reb the King”, the reference to George W. Bush.  The quatrain clearly tells us that the real, existential, threat to the U.S. and to the world was North Korea, but instead, Reb the King went after Iraq.  The metaphorical symbolism of “Reb the King” could actually be a mocking symbolism of George W. Bush.  Nostradamus could be telling the American people that George W. Bush was portraying himself as the great defender of the country, but in actuality he wasn’t.

The Hidden Implications of Some Predictions:
This is an intriguing topic.  Nostradamus uses metaphorical symbolisms extensively.  In many cases interpreters can figure them out, but there are situations in which both his expressions and/or metaphorical symbolisms leave lingering doubts.  Yes, we may understand what he could be implying, but what exactly is the final outcome?  What would the real implications be?  Let us look at a few examples.  In the final analysis we could certainly wait until a prediction would completely materialize to fully discern and comprehend all the ramifications, but that would not necessarily be the best option.  Furthermore, there are predicted events whose final outcome is not obvious.

Century IV, quatrain 50:  This quatrain has been interpreted and is included in the website.  It should be noted that this is one of those predictions that has not been fully fulfilled.  It is unfolding right now and it could probably take a few more years to assess the full results.  The quatrain refers to the Downfall of Asia and specifically China’s economic decline, but the wording of the quatrain also implies that Western economies would also decline.  At this point it is suggested that you may want to read the September 2015 interpretation of the quatrain before you continue reading this section.

  • Libra will be seen to reign in the West, holding
  • the rule over the skies and earth.  No one will see
  • the strength of Asia destroyed until seven hold
  • the hierarchy in succession.

In this quatrain Nostradamus is clear, precise, and emphatic.  He declares the collapse of China’s economy as a fait accompli.  The economy will be destroyed, he predicts.  But, he does not give us any explanation as to what would cause this economic collapse.  Is the economic collapse strictly due to economic reasons?  Is it due to political mismanagement?  Or, could it be due to a combination of domestic and external factors?  Furthermore, the first line infers that Western economies would also decline.  The inference is that Western economies would decline significantly.  Is there a hidden meaning to this quatrain?  Is Nostradamus referring strictly to economies going bust, or there are other catalysts, maybe geopolitical issues such as the South China Sea issue, that could cause the world economies to decline?

Since Xi Jinping assumed power China’s economy has been in decline, no fault of his.  This is an indisputable fact.  The GDP is lower, unemployment has risen, and exports have declined.  Furthermore, China’s banking system is suffering from non-performing loans, a high national debt relative to the GDP, and an over-leveraged banking system with potentially serious ramifications of mis-allocated capital investments.  In the first line of this quatrain, however, Nostradamus infers that the West’s military power will never again be that strong.  The implications of this expression are negative and very serious.  If the U.S. Congress cannot approve a strong defense budget at a time of so many critical world conditions, this implies the U.S. GDP cannot support the required level of defense appropriations.  Is Nostradamus implying a protracted debilitating secular stagnation, or a world depression?  Either way the outcome could be serious, with potentially world-wide economic ramifications.  There is no doubt the world economies are confronted by many systemic problems and economic uncertainties, but could that be what would cause the economic pendulum to swing?

In June 2016 we witnessed Britain’s decision to break away from the European Common Market.  The separation could undoubtedly create a degree of economic and transactional uncertainty, temporary anomalies in the reestablishment of a working and effective commercial modus operandi, and volatility in the market place.  The next potential problem for the European Common Market could be the brewing banking crisis in Italy and maybe other European Common Market banking systems, but could these problems by themselves bring about sufficient negative reaction to shake up the entire world economy and result in further deterioration of China’s economy?  I don’t think so.  Of course, we have a couple of other potential problems.  One is negative interest rates which is definitely not a positive omen for the world economies.  The other is Donald Trump and the ensuing potential volatility NAFTA could experience.  The emergence of economic nationalism which Donald Trump is advocating could potentially undermine the very foundation of NAFTA.  If there is another shoe to drop, I have no idea what that may be, but whatever it is, it doesn’t look positive

Century VI, quatrain 80:  This quatrain has been interpreted and is included in the website.  This is one of those predictions that may have not yet been fully fulfilled.  I believe it may still be unfolding at the present time.  The quatrain is one of two on Osama bin Laden.  At this point it is suggested that you may want to read the latest interpretation (September 2013) on Osama bin Laden before you continue reading this section.

  • From Fez the kingdom will stretch out to those of Europe
  • The city blazes, the sword will slash; the great man of Asia
  • with a great troop by land and sea so that blues, perse,
  • he will drive the cross to death.

Nostradamus’ expression “…he will drive the cross to death” is very intriguing.  What exactly could Nostradamus’ expression imply?  The expression is too general and vague – but at the same time it has very negative connotations.  Does the expression infer the 9/11 incident with the twin towers in NY City?  Nostradamus could certainly be referring to our military involvement in Iraq, the ensuing casualties, and to our final departure from Iraq.  But, he could also be referring to the overall ideology Osama bin Laden inspired into Muslim souls, to retaliate against the perceived Christian crusader. Could the ISIS terrorist incidents Western countries are currently experiencing be also included in Nostradamus’ message?  There is no way to tell.  However, Nostradamus’ expression could imply more than just a Middle East policy failure. 

Century VIII, quatrain 77:  This prediction is titled The Presumed Date of the North Korean Nuclear Attack.  The interpretation is included in the website.  In this prediction Nostradamus gives mankind a succinct but very graphic description of how the planet would look like after the North Korean nuclear devastation.  However, the last portion of this quatrain may have a hidden implication, and it may merit mankind’s special attention.

The portion of the quatrain I am referring to says “…with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.”  Before you proceed further, it is recommended you read the entire interpretation.  If my interpretation is correct, the predicted devastation would take place circa December 2038.  In the interpretation I noted that in this quatrain Nostradamus ties in the timing of the nuclear devastation with global warming, specifically the rise of the sea level. 

What exactly does Nostradamus mean with his wording “…water…covering the earth?”  How much water is he alluding to?  Is he telling mankind that by 2038 the planet would experience an acceleration of rising sea elevations?  Scientific studies estimate the rise of the sea elevation about one-plus to two feet by the end of the century.  Nostradamus’ expression appears to infer a much higher sea elevation.  Could the presumed acceleration of the sea level rise be due to the heat generated by the multitude of nuclear explosions?  Whatever the cause may be, if Nostradamus is correct, mankind could be facing several very serious problems simultaneously – a nuclear devastation, lingering nuclear radiation, reduced food availability due to radioactive contamination, an accelerated rise of the sea level, and world-wide mass migrations/relocations.  If we think the current mass migration of predominantly Muslim refugees is a serious problem, could we imagine the magnitude of the problems mankind would be facing within a few years if the predicted events materialize?  If we think the August 2016 Louisiana flooding was a disaster, could we imagine a multitude of similar events happening in low elevation areas throughout the planet?  Could we now recognize why Nostradamus is the link to Saint John’s Apocalypse?

Century II, quatrain 95:  This prediction is titled Large Scale Migration (dated June 15, 2016).  The interpretation was posted on  I am focusing on the part of the quatrain that says “Kingdoms given to men incapable of prudence”.  Note the words “Kingdoms and men.”  It is plural.  It is obvious this prediction not only refers to the American Presidential elections of November 2016 and specifically to Donald Trump, the Republican Presidential nominee, but Nostradamus could also be referring to Turkey’s most recent November 2015 elections.  Let us decompose this part of Nostradamus’ prediction and confirm why Nostradamus could indeed be referring to Turkey.

In the case of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan won the November 2015 General elections, and soon thereafter in July 2016 the country experienced a violent but failed military coup.  It should be obvious from the wording of the quatrain that Nostradamus did not perceive Erdogan as prudent.  This perception could be based on the following considerations.  Many of Erdogan’s up-to-date actions confirm that he is not capable of prudence.  Erdogan’s lack of prudence is attested by the very fact that, following the failed coup, he has embarked on a systematic dismantling of the country’s democratic institutions.  As a result of his actions the country could readily revert to the Dark Ages.  The size of the palace he built for himself a few years ago could be another concrete indication that he may not be a prudent leader.  His other mega-projects also defy logic and economic considerations.  In addition, undoing the noteworthy achievements of the last few decades of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s policies could be another imprudent decision.  Based on the above considerations Nostradamus’ expression “men incapable of prudence” could be a very fitting description for Erdogan.  From a chronological viewpoint, the timing of Turkey’s November 2015 elections’ outcome ties in nicely with the timing of the other predicted events cited in the quatrain. 

The critical inference of the quatrain I am addressing here relates to Nostradamus’ reference to the U.S. Presidential elections.  Why would Nostradamus be referring to Trump as incapable of prudence?  There should be no doubt that as a result of Trump’s behavior during the States’ Presidential primaries a good percentage of the population do perceive Trump as incapable of prudence, but could Nostradamus also be inferring that Trump’s modus operandi as a potential U.S. President would continue to reflect the perception of a man incapable of prudence?  The word “incapable” conveys a permanent innate negative connotation.  Or, could Nostradamus be inferring that Trump would be equally destructive as Erdogan regardless of what the outcome of the elections may be?  If so, that could indeed be a very serious situation, not only for the country but potentially for the entire world.  We need to recognize that Trump does not necessarily have to win the U.S. Presidency to be destructive.  Even if he loses, he could continue to exert a dominant and very toxic political influence – especially if domestic economic conditions deteriorate, more manufacturing jobs migrate to other countries, and income inequality continues to grow unabated.  . 

The validation that this quatrain refers to both Erdogan and Trump is based on the close chronological association of their respective elections with the event of mass migration of refugees and the relevance of Erdogan and Trump with the defining attributes of the words “incapable of prudence”.  In addition, the validation is confirmed by Nostradamus’ reference of the U.S. November 2016 elections.  The conclusive validation of this prediction will take place when the predicted social dissension and loss of life materialize.

Notation:  The English translation of this quatrain is from the 1986 edition of Erika Cheetham’s book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus.  When I looked at the original French wording I noticed that Nostradamus’ wording “Regnes livrez à prudents incapables” did not specify the gender.  Therefore, “those incapable of prudence” do not have to be “men”.  A more appropriate translation could be “Kingdoms turned over or delivered to individuals/people incapable of prudence”. 

The Date When Predictions Materialize:
Unless Nostradamus has given us a good “timing” hint or a specific date, don’t try to guess the date when an event would occur.  I tried it, and failed – in some cases I failed miserably.  But I learned my lesson, and this is what I learned:

  • In some quatrains Nostradamus relates the timing of an event to the passing by of celestial bodies, like a comet.  Since there are several comets that pass by the proximity of the earth, such an expression doesn’t provide the required chronological certainty.  In the case of century II, quatrain 62, I guessed the timing, and it was wrong.  This quatrain relates to the anagram MABUS. 

  • In the case of quatrains that tie the timing of the prediction to the passing of a comet, the most effective way to interpret a quatrain is to wait for specific and definitive clues relating to incidents/conditions cited in the quatrain.  In the case of the MABUS prediction we have several potential scenarios that could result in the fulfillment of this prediction within the next few years.  First, the current ongoing civil strife in Syria could spark new fires in the surrounding countries and compel Syria to use other undeclared chemical agents it may have in its possession.  Second, the possibility of another Hezbollah-Israeli conflict is always present – but the next round could be a lot more serious and more destructive.   And third, we could reasonably conclude that with all the ongoing domestic problems and uncertainties within Iraq and Turkey, there could be new flames to foment smoldering fires.   

  • Many quatrains do not require a reference to the date of fulfillment.  If a predicted event which is about to start unfolding, or an already unfolding event described in a quatrain can be interpreted, the date of fulfillment could derive automatically from the event(s).  Century II, quatrain 95, is one of those quatrains that do not reference any timing benchmarks.  Once I recognized that Nostradamus was alluding to the current huge migration of predominantly Muslim refugees to various Western countries, the rest was easy.  This quatrain predicts three totally different events that are taking place within a relatively short time from each other.  The first predicted event relates to the current refugee migration.  The second event refers to Turkey’s November 2015 elections and to the U.S. November 2016 Presidential elections.  And, the third event, which has not yet materialized but predicted for the (near) future, refers to social dissension which would result in the loss of lives.  For further details read the June 15, 2016 interpretation on Large-Scale Migration.

  • One thing I noticed repeatedly is that the date of a quatrain’s maturity plays a very important role as to whether we can or cannot interpret a prediction.  If a quatrain is unfolding at our time or is about to be unfolded, then we could relate, at least one event, to an actual event that is taking place during our lifetime, which could facilitate interpretation of the rest of the quatrain.  This is what transpired with century II, quatrain 95, cited above, and with several other quatrains I was able to interpret.  If however a prediction is expected to happen years in the future, the information in the quatrain will not offer us any clue as to what the quatrain refers to.  Therefore, those interested in interpreting Nostradamus’ quatrains should be reviewing them periodically.  One needs to constantly be searching for relevant ongoing clues that relate to Nostradamus’ quatrains.

  • When readers go through my interpretations starting back in 2003, they will notice that a few quatrains have been updated and posted on the Internet more than once.  This is because as time passed by and the date of fulfillment approached the maturity date of the prediction, the prediction became clearer.  In some cases a quatrain had to be updated because I either failed to interpret the quatrain in full the first time, or I may have failed to understand its full implications.  

In summary, interpretation of a quatrain becomes much easier during the initial unfolding stage because the interpreter is assisted by the actual scenario that is materializing in front of him/her as he/she associates actual events with predicted events.  Some people may question and criticize this practice.  They may argue that this is not a true interpretation of the prediction.  I think that this practice is indeed appropriate as long as an interpreter can associate more than one predicted event with current ongoing situation.  Two good examples of what I mean is century II, quatrain 95 (Large-Scale Migration), and century X, quatrain 66 (The Dreadful Antichrist).  Quatrains usually refer to more than one event and if an interpreter can analyze and define the events and their associated chronology with the ultimate level of detail, that should constitute a legitimate and acceptable verification of the interpretation.  An additional criterion to consider is “The interrelationship of predicted events could often serve as the validating test.”

The Relevance of Nostradamus to the 21st Century.
Nostradamus’ relevance to mankind’s survival and spiritual enlightenment transcends the normal psychic subject matter.  As readers go through the various quatrains in this website, I hope and pray they would recognize that Nostradamus’ psychic abilities existed simply because God exists.  Nostradamus’ power to predict had been bestowed upon him by our Creator for a specific purpose – to save mankind.  I cannot overemphasize this point.  In the final analysis, whether we want to believe this axiom or not, it may be a mute point.  Those that need more time to make up their mind will have another chance circa 2038 – if they survive.  That will be their day of awakening, the day of redemption, and mankind’s epiphany.  The surviving unbelievers will undergo the same extraordinary emotional and spiritual experience as Christ’s disciples did following His resurrection.