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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Downfall of Asia

This quatrain was interpreted and posted on on August 2007. My previous interpretation is currently being corrected and updated.

Century IV, Quatrain 50:  Libra will be seen to reign in the West, holding the rule over the skies and earth.  No one will see the strength of Asia destroyed until seven hold the hierarchy in succession.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks: 
This could be an extremely important prediction.  It relates to current ongoing economic events in Asia, and particularly in China

In the 1986 edition of her book, The Prophecies of Nostradamus, Erika Cheetham wrote: According to this prediction, when Libra the Balance rules over America, that country will be at the height of its powers.  But Asian strength will be equally strong until the seventh comes.  Does this mean the seventh ruler in Asia, or the seventh decade?” 

In 1986 this prediction was not fully understood, but it should be more meaningful after September 17, 2015, the day the Federal Reserve Bank announced to the world that they will keep the key interest rate at zero, citing global turmoil.  (Nostradamus may be confirming that the Federal Reserve made the right decision because China’s economic health may be in a much worse condition than we realize.) 

This quatrain is somewhat self-explanatory.  Salient points of what Nostradamus is telling us are discussed below.

General Comment:   
Nostradamus gives us several important pieces of information.  Chronologically and factually, they relate to China’s current socio-economic problems. 

First: Nostradamus tells us “Libra will be seen to reign in the West, holding the rule over the skies and earth.”  “Libra” is an astrological sign and it stands for balance.  This expression appears to refer to America’s military and technological strength.  Note his words “…over skies and earth.”  Obviously, Nostradamus recognized the value of “air power”.  This is indeed a very interesting observation coming from a psychic who lived about 450 years ago when airplanes did not exist. 

Second: Nostradamus refers to the economic status of several Asian countries collectively as the strength of Asia, but he actually focuses on China, and he makes this known through his reference to the line of succession. This is a relevant and correct observation. For several years South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan were referred to as the Four Asian Tigers or Asian Dragons.  In fact, a few years ago these Asian economic powerhouses together with China considered decoupling from the dollar as an exchange/reserve currency replacing it by an “Asian basket of currencies”.  In the 1980s Japan’s economy was another economic powerhouse, but its economy has been in a deflationary state ever since.  Japan’s economy has recently deteriorated to the point a few days ago Moody’s downgraded Japan from AA to A+.

Third: Nostradamus tells us “No one will see the strength of Asia destroyed until seven hold the hierarchy in succession.”  In this sentence Nostradamus refers to China’s line of succession.  The seventh President of the People’s Republic of China was Hu Jintao (2003-2013, see line of succession below).  This sentence implies that until the end of Hu Jintao’s Presidency, Asia’s economic strength would be perceived as strong.  This is indeed a correct observation.  The extent and seriousness of China’s socio-economic problems surfaced during Xi Jinping’s Presidency.

Fourth: The wording “No one will see the strength of Asia destroyed until seven hold the hierarchy in succession” infers that the structural socio-economic problems which surfaced during Xi Jinping’s Presidency were festering during Hu Jintao’s Presidency, and prior.  Indeed, during Xi Jinping’s Precidency China’s economy started to weaken.  An unexpected decline of exports, lower GDP growth rates, and increased unemployment during Xi Jinping’s Precidency exacerbated the problems of the pre-existing economic structure to the point that China’s economic future is currently in question.  The amazing thing is that Nostradamus’ prediction appears to be relevant to today’s concerns.

Fifth: The most noteworthy point Nostradamus makes is the use of the word “destroyed”.  He comes out like a modern economic forecaster and declares that the strength of Asia will be destroyed.  Wow!  His expression sounds emphatic, as if there is absolutely no doubt about the outcome of what is to come. Does this mean that China’s economy could have a hard landing?  Does it mean that following the current decline of exports/imports and overall economic deterioration, there could be other variables that could come into play and worsen China’s economy even more?  Whatever the reasons may be, his prediction sounds ominous – not only for China but for the entire world economy. 

Sixth: We all know that present day economies are intertwined and interdependent – especially China’s.  If China’s economy has a hard landing or the country experiences serious economic problems, other Asian economies, emerging markets, as well as Western economies would also be affected one way or another and in various degrees.  Isn’t it precisely this type of concern that may have prompted the Federal Reserve Bank to announce on September 17, 2015 that they will not have a rate hike?

Seventh. This quatrain consists of two sentences.  The second sentence refers to the destruction of Asian strength.  The first sentence refers to “Libra will be seen to reign in the West, holding the rule over the skies and earth.”  If we look at the quatrain we see no obvious logical cohesion between these two sentences.  What relevance does the West’s military strength have to do with Asia’s economic decline? Ostensibly none.  But, could Nostradamus be inferring that China’s economic destruction would also adversely impact Western economies?  Could Nostradamus be inferring that at the time of China’s economic collapse, America’s military power would be at its peak, but following China’s economic collapse America’s military power would decline?  Isn’t it a well known axiom that military power is dependent on economic power?  Therefore, is Nostradamus telling us that the economic decline which would start with China would have a domino effect throughout the rest of the world economies?  Could Nostradamus be inferring that we are about to have a world depression?  Aren’t most of the economies currently being supported by constant infusion of artificial steroids, the so-called Quantitative Easing (QE) from Central Banks? How much of a push would it take to bring these houses of cards down?  You be the judge.

China’s line of succession Nostradamus refers to:
The line of succession cited below relates to succession of Premiers (the National President of China):

     #1  Maozedong , 1st premier of Communist gov’t, 1949;
     #2  Liu Shaoqi ,1959;
     #3 Hua Guofeng, 1976. (He was later considered "no good" because of his involvement in the Cultural Revolution, and he was often omitted in the list);
     #4 Li Xiannian, 1983;
     #5 Yang Shangkun, 1988;
     #6 Jiang Zemin, 1993;
     #7 Hu Jintao, 2003. 
     #8. Xi Jinping

There is also another list which refers to the head of the Communist Party, the Secretary of the Party. Mao served in both positions, but Dong Xiaping was in charge for many years and brought capitalism to China. He wasn't on the list for President/Premier, but rather the Party Secretary (a more important position).