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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Osama bin Laden and The Evolving Al Qaeda 
The two quatrains cited below were interpreted and posted on on December 2003.  They are updated because of the current events in Syria, Egypt, Turkey, the Middle East, and North Africa.  This posting delves into predicted events that were not adequately addressed in 2003.  New comments are cited after quatrain 25, below.

Century VI , Quatrain 80
From Fez the kingdom will stretch out to those of Europe.  The city blazes, the sword will slash; the great man of Asia with a great troop by land and sea so that blues, perse, he will drive out the cross to death.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks:
The "Fez" is the name of a cone-shaped flat-crowned hat worn by Turks, and may be still worn in parts of Turkey and other Islamic countries. The word "Fez" symbolizes the Ottoman Empire that covered the entire Middle East, Macedonia, Arabia, and Egypt.

The "…the great man of Asia…" refers to Osama bin Laden who lives in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border area. These countries are in Asia, hence he refers to him as "the man of Asia". Also, Nostradamus refers to bin Laden as "great" because in the eyes of many Muslims he is great.

The expression "From Fez the kingdom will stretch out to those of Europe" does not refer to a military invasion but Nostradamus uses this expression to symbolize the mass migration of Muslim workers to European countries and the fact that they too have been influenced by Osama bin Laden's ideology. (Note that several of the participants in the World Trade Center attack came from European countries.)

The expression "the great man of Asia with a great troop by land and sea …" refers to the great number of followers he has, and that his attacks will be waged not only on land but also at sea, as it happened with the destroyer USS Cole. The word "blues" may be used as a color differentiation to represent the majority of Muslims who are darker.

This quatrain describes very accurately the current ongoing events. In this prediction Nostradamus does not refer to bin Laden with any specific title, as he rightfully does in many other predictions (e.g. king or Emperor). The above designation is precise and appropriate.
The rest of the prediction tells us that the ideology of this "great man from Asia" will unite all Muslims (his ideology will have a widespread appeal), including the Iranians, to drive the cross to death. The cross designates "Christians". Note that the struggle is not against the Jews or Israel, but against the Christians. Also, the implication is that Iran is, or will get, involved into the Iraqi Shiite and/or al-Qaeda activities.
This quatrain also relates to Century V, quatrain 25. In this quatrain Nostradamus also refers to Osama bin Laden, but in quatrain 25 he refers to him as the "Arab Prince". Both designations are correct, and they definitely represent the appropriate title. By splitting his prediction in two related quatrains and using "Arab Prince" in one and "great man from Asia" in the other, Nostradamus made it a lot harder for us to figure out what he is talking about. But this is exactly how Nostradamus describes his predictions. Had he integrated his predictions into one message, his prediction would be easier to figure out.

General Comments:  
The message of this quatrain applies to the ongoing hostilities not only in Iraq but also throughout the Middle East and many other parts of the world. The implications are serious and critical. First, the prediction tells us that if we remain in the Middle East we will suffer many casualties. The inference, however, is that we will stay in Iraq, and in general, in the Middle East for a certain period of time. It is perfectly obvious that under such a hostile environment any investments will not serve any good purpose, no matter how much we spend. Judging from the predictions, the recent investment of about $67.5 billion of taxpayers' money the Administration is giving Iraq will go down the drain (congress approved $87.5 billion but about $20 billion is for Afghanistan). Nostradamus' expression " … he will drive the cross to death." may also imply that the terrorist activities, in addition to human casualties, will adversely impact our economy. No matter how one interprets this quatrain, it doesn't look positive.


Century V, Quatrain 25
The Arab Prince, Mars, the Sun, Venus and Leo, the rule of the Church will succumb to the sea. Towards Persia very nearly a million men will invade Egypt and Byzantium, the true serpent.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
The astrological time reference "Mars, the Sun, Venus, and Leo" goes a few years back to the beginning of bin Laden's activities.

The prediction describes bin Laden's fanatic ideology and his ability to influence the thinking of the Muslim world. The prediction does not mean that a million men will invade Egypt and Byzantium. Byzantium could symbolize modern Turkey but, most probably, it symbolizes the geographic area of the Byzantine Empire, which, at one time, was extensive. The areas that were previously included in the Byzantine Empire are currently inhabited, mostly, by people of the Muslim faith.

The expression "Towards Persia very nearly a million men …" describes the direction from which Osama bin Laden's ideology will originate. In other words, Nostradamus tells us that bin Laden's ideology will originate East of Iran (Afghanistan-Pakistan), and it will spread Westward towards Egypt and the other areas of the old Byzantine Empire, which includes modern Turkey. Don't the recent terrorist acts in Istanbul reflect what Nostradamus predicted?

In this quatrain Nostradamus merely wants to emphasize that bin Laden who is referred to as both an "Arab" and a "Prince" will win the hearts and souls of the Muslim population, including the Turks, the Iranians, and Egyptians. That is why he uses the symbolic expression "…the true serpent". Nostradamus is telling us that the movement is so powerful, it spreads everywhere like a serpent.

Doesn't this prediction, very accurately, describe the terrorists (martyrs) that are willing to kill themselves for their cause? In this quatrain Nostradamus tells us that the "rule of the Church will succumb to the sea". In other words, he insinuates that we will have casualties, and the implication is that we may finally give up and leave.
General Comment:  
The impact and implications to our current Middle East strategy and to our economy will be discussed in the near future.

The paragraphs below were written on August and September 2013.
General Comments:
The first and most noteworthy observation on these two quatrains referring to Osama bin Laden is the precision of Nostradamus’ wording describing current ongoing events and geopolitical conditions, as well as the metaphorical inferences his wording conveys.  Their relevance to actual transpiring events and geopolitical conditions is awesome.  For example: 
  • In “century VI, quatrain 80”, he says “…the kingdom will stretch out to those of Europe…”.  The words “stretch out” are used as a synonym to “migrate”.  In this quatrain he is referring to a peaceful/lawful migration of Muslims from countries previously occupied by the Byzantine Empire.  The extraordinary point is that Nostradamus has correctly distinguished this event as a peaceful/lawful migration, rather than an invasion – as was the case for many centuries in the past.  
  • Another equally remarkable observation is that he timed this Muslim migration precisely with Osama bin Laden’s lifetime, which is also correct.  The European Common Market opened its national boundaries circa 1965.  But what renders these quatrains even more credible, is the fact that at the time Nostradamus wrote his predictions, the very idea of allowing Muslims to live in European countries would, in itself, be considered preposterous – an anathema.
  • Another very precise observation relates to the geographic scope and degree of Osama bin Laden’s influence that his ideology has had on Muslim people. In century V, quatrain 25, he says “Towards Persia very nearly a million men will invade Egypt and Byzantium, the true serpent”.  Note the verb Nostradamus uses in his expression, “invade”.  Isn’t Nostradamus referring to Al Qaeda fighters and religious extremists who move uninvited from one country to another to fight for their ideology?  Isn’t the word “invade” an excellent metaphorical expression of Al Qaeda’s modus operandi in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and recently in Syria?  Doesn’t the word “invade” connote that the presence of Al Qaeda fighters is not welcomed?
  • What about Nostradamus’ expression “…the true serpent”?  Doesn’t this expression infer an attribute of stealthiness?  The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines “stealthiness” as: slow, deliberate, and secret in action or character.  Hasn’t Osama bin Laden’s anarchical ideology permeated throughout Muslim populations precisely like a “true serpent”?                    
  • Both quatrains include wording and metaphorical inferences which infer violence, social turmoil, and antipathy to “something” being imposed on Muslim societies from other countries, presumably Christian countries.  Could Nostradamus’ metaphorical expression “…the rule of the Church will succumb to the sea” refer to America’s attempt to convert Islamic societies into democratic countries?  Could the expression “the rule of the Church” be referring to our Christian concept of the Rule of Law, upon which democratic societies are based?  
  • For several years U.S. administrations aimed to convert Muslim countries to democracies.  The concept of democracy exists in Judeo-Christian societies and is based on the Rule of Law.  So far, all attempts by the Bush and Obama administrations to establish democracy in Muslim countries have failed miserably, and the main reason for the failure may be the fact that the Islamic concept of Sharia Law is in direct contradiction with the Rule of Law.  Could this be what Nostradamus is telling us with his metaphorical comment “…will succumb to the sea”?  Webster’s Dictionary defines the word succumb as follows: to be brought to an end (as death) by the effect of destructive or disruptive forces.  We have witnessed Nostradamus’ predictions materialize in Iraq, Afghanistan, and recently in Libya and Egypt.     
Century VI, quatrain 80 cites “…the great man of Asia with a great troop by land and sea so that blues, perse, he will drive out the cross to death.”  Doesn’t this expression correctly describe the outcome of the United States’ involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other Middle Eastern Countries? Nostradamus’s description could not be any more precise.  Isn’t America’s current isolationism and reluctance to assist the Syrian rebels a validation of what Nostradamus correctly predicted over five hundred years ago?  But, note that Nostradamus’ expression also includes Iran.  He is clearly telling us “our troubles are not over yet”.  In fact, our troubles with Iran are only beginning. 

  • Century V, quatrain 25, cites “Towards Persia very nearly a million men will invade Egypt and Byzantium.”  Within a short sentence Nostradamus provides us three very important pieces of information. 
    1. First, the word “towards” has a relational inference.  Here Nostradamus informs us that Osama bin Laden’s ideology (associated with the Al Qaeda activities and social turmoil) would originate east of Persia/Iran, and move westward, which is precisely how his ideology spread.  Afghanistan, and subsequently Pakistan, the two countries where he lived and operated for many years, are east of Iran.
    1. Second, Nostradamus uses the word “Byzantium” metaphorically to designate the areas that will be affected by Al Qaeda supporters who espouse bin Laden’s ideology of violence.  Byzantium stands for the geographic area of the Byzantine Empire which currently encompasses several Muslim countries.  This short sentence tells us that none of the areas previously occupied by the Byzantine Empire will be immune to bin Laden’s ideology. And,
    1. Third, Nostradamus points out “Egypt” by name.  Up-to-date, other than in the Sinai Peninsula, terrorist activities in Egypt have been relatively limited and under control.  Is Nostradamus warning us that, following Prime Minister’s Mohamed Morsi’s overthrow by the military, Egypt will experience social unrest and terrorism similar to what has been happening in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Judging from the way Nostradamus has phrased the sentence, his prediction has profound implications for Egypt’s future.  I believe Nostradamus cites Egypt by name because he predicts a very bleak and turbulent future for the country.  Considering the country’s growing unemployment and abject poverty level, the income disparity among its people, the overall worsening economic conditions in the region, the projected population growth, the inadequate water resources to meet needed projected irrigation requirements, and the intensification of regional sectarian tensions and lawlessness, Nostradamus’ prediction merits very serious consideration. During the Mubarak period repression was successful because Egypt’s economy was not that bad, and the government’s main concern was religious fundamentalism.  This is no longer the case.  Egypt’s economic conditions are bound to deteriorate dramatically due to political uncertainty, reduced foreign investments, the disappearance of tourism, and the weakening Egyptian Pound and ensuing domestic inflation.  Egypt could readily become fertile ground for serious social unrest and terrorism.  Furthermore, Egypt is an integral microcosm of the overall explosive state of the Middle East.
Furthermore, both quatrains refer to Persia, the old name for Iran.  In both quatrains Nostradamus associates Iran with hostilities.  In another prediction, century I, quatrain 70, Nostradamus’ description of the events leading to Iran’s current geopolitical ambitions and national interests could be considered a perfect bull’s eye – completely relevant to what transpired with the overthrow of Emperor Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi on February 11, 1979 and Iran’s current evolving situation (see century I, quatrain 70 on