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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sequence of Events

This quatrain was interpreted on December 28, 2003. This is a revisit.

Century I, Quatrain 69:
The great mountain, seven stadia round, after peace, war, famine, flooding. It will spread far, drowning great countries, even antiquities, and their mighty foundations.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks:
The interpretation of this quatrain was first posted on on December 28, 2003. The reason why it is being revisited is because it provides us with the chronological sequence of Nostradamus’ predictions as they are unfolding.

General Comments:
Since I started posting Nostradamus’ interpretations in 2003, I have covered several predictions on a variety of subjects relating to ongoing world-wide events. Some of Nostradamus’ predictions refer to events with enough specificity, so I could interpret the predictions with a greater probability of accuracy. Others were more convoluted, and the metaphorical inferences may have been a little more difficult to interpret. But, even in those cases where quatrains provide several specific details, determining the circumstances/scenarios within which the predictions are apt to materialize has been a serious challenge. In most predictions, however, the greatest difficulty that I encountered has been the precise timing of the event. It is for this reason I decided to revisit this quatrain. His predicted events (war, famine, and flooding/global warming) relate to current ongoing issues, and looking at these events as they unfold, evolve, and gradually materialize in front of our eyes, it appears that they are about to converge at about the same time, sometime between 2013 and 2018. In the following paragraphs I will try to explain how I derived at this timing.

We start the timing analysis with Century II, Quatrain 46. This quatrain says: After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease: In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a trail of sparks. The interpretation of this quatrain was posted on on December 31, 2003. This quatrain gives us a timing benchmark; namely, the predicted events will transpire a few years after the year 2000 (the new millennium).

Quatrain 69 does not give us dates, but like Century II, Quatrain 46, it reconfirms the sequence of events “…after peace, war, famine, flooding”. For timing purposes, this information may be all we need to determine when, approximately, Nostradamus’ predictions could come to pass. If we relate Nostradamus’ sequence of predicted events with current ongoing events, estimating the approximate timing can be accomplished through extrapolation. Let’s decompose this description and see how it fits into the overall picture of Nostradamus’ interpretations I have posted.

a. “…after peace”: This comment is not exactly correct. We have had wars for the last several decades. However, even though this period (just before and after the millennium) has not been devoid of warfare, Nostradamus appears to consider it peaceful – maybe because he has foreseen the next war(s) to be considerably more destructive. We will soon find out.

b. Nostradamus’ prediction on “flooding” (which relates to climate change/global warming) has already started. This prediction is unfolding right now, in front of our very eyes. However, long before mankind is affected by rising sea levels of 2-plus feet and extreme climate changes, the world markets and economies would, in all probability, be devastated following the abrupt realization of what is about to come. Invariably, stock markets and economies react in advance of anticipatory perceptions. I speculate that the world-wide economic deterioration would be experienced long before mankind feels the actual ravages of rising sea levels. Once there is substantive scientific proof of the forthcoming cataclysm, human psychology would take over – just like in past stock market crashes. The negative spiral would feed in itself. The ensuing fear and psychological pandemonium of falling markets, lost fortunes, devastated economies, and the bleakness of a turbulent and unpredictable future could result in serious world-wide social unrest, unemployment, mass migrations, and serious geopolitical unrest. I think this economic downtrend could occur in about four to five years – long before the actual world-wide devastation from an intensifying global warming. The catalyst that could render human consciousness aware of the existential threat of global climate change, in all probability, would be the findings of a scientific study determining permafrost ice is melting inexorably at an accelerated rate, or another finding of equivalent significance, such as an accelerated rate of large amounts of methane release from thawing Arctic permafrost. In parallel, mankind would soon realize that projects undertaken by various countries and the World Bank to mitigate the impact of climate change would prove to be temporary alleviations, and in the long run ineffectual and wasteful.

c. Following this “peaceful period”, Nostradamus tells us that we will have war. In my initial interpretation of this quatrain back in 2003, I assumed the war he referred to would be with North Korea. In retrospect, my assumption was wrong. North Korea probably needs several more years to become a full fledged nuclear threat. To become an effective nuclear threat, a country like North Korea requires both plentiful quantities of fissile material for warheads and sophisticated means of delivering them reliably to their targets. However, war could erupt elsewhere. Syria could implode, and as a last result the Alawites could, out of utter desperation, use Syria’s weapons of mass destruction that the regime has amassed over the years. Such an action could destabilize the entire Middle East and result in a full-scale regional sectarian war. Another possibility is Iran. Iran is attempting to dominate the Middle East. Their foreign policy has tried, time and time again, to weaken its neighbors, and in the process, the entire Middle East could get embroiled in a protracted sectarian war of attrition. If Iran is allowed to become a nuclear power, Nostradamus clearly tells us that the results would be dire (see Century I, Quatrain 70. This prediction states (see footnote 1) : Rain, famine, and war will not cease in Persia; too great a faith will betray the monarch. Those (actions) started in France will end there, a secret sign for one to be sparing.)

d. Nostradamus’ reference to “famine” is already taking place. Aside from Africa that has had perennial nutritional issues, the Syrian refugees, and many of the Syrians still residing in their country, are suffering from food shortages. If the Alawites were to employ their weapons of mass destruction, living conditions would undoubtedly deteriorate even more, and famine could become a more grave issue. An Iranian conflict could also result in famine as a result of radioactive contamination (as Nostradamus clearly tells us in Century I, Quatrain 70). But the real famine will come as a result of climate change and the gradual submergence of arable land by rising seas.

Footnote 1: The prediction has been paraphrased from Erika Cheetham’s book, titled The Man Who Saw Tomorrow. The interpretation of this prediction was posted on on December 2003. The last sentence in the quatrain may indicate that France will be hit by Iranian nuclear weapons. Up-to-date, this prediction has proven very accurate. The prediction has described Iran’s disposition with the ultimate level of detail, as if Nostradamus is imploring mankind to take remedial action before it is too late.