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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Monster Is Manifesting Itself

This quatrain was interpreted in July 2009.  This is a recapitulation of ongoing events.

Century III, Quatrain 34
Then when the eclipse of the sun will be in broad daylight the monster will be seen.  It will be interpreted quite differently; they will not care about expense, none will have provided for it.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
The interpretation of this quatrain was posted on the website on July 29, 2009. The interpretations and comments cited in that posting are still pertinent. This posting delves into the ramifications of the “monster”.

The reason I decided to revisit this prediction is because the predicted event is manifesting itself right now in front of our eyes. Have you noticed it? Are you aware of what is about to take place on our planet and how your personal life-style may be affected?

For those readers that don’t recall the contents of the initial posting, I am repeating the noteworthy points:

a. Nostradamus’ reference to the “eclipse of the sun” is a timing benchmark of the approximate time when we would see the “monster”. If we assume that the eclipse of the sun refers to the solar eclipse that took place on July 22, 2009, the rest of the prediction makes perfect sense.

b. The word “monster” is not being interpreted literally. It is a metaphor defining the magnitude and extent of the predicted event. Webster’s Dictionary defines this word as “a threatening force”, “something monstrous”, or “enormous in size or extent”.

c. Nostradamus does not tell us what this monster is, but the timing benchmark, as well as the rest of his prediction, infer he is referring to “climate change”. This assumption also agrees with several other predictions referring to melting icebergs, elevation of the sea level, submergence of low-elevation lands/islands, climate changes that adversely impact agricultural production, and a coming world-wide famine. Furthermore, the overall prediction fits very well with ongoing events associated with climate change/global warming.

d. Nostradamus' comment “it will be interpreted quite differently” may refer to the ongoing difference of opinions as to whether the climate change we are experiencing is due to “man-made causes, such as carbon dioxide or it is a natural periodic climate change”. Nostradamus’ comment could also refer to different scientific recommendations on how to mitigate climate change.

General Comments:
Our awareness of “global warming/climate change” actually began a few years before the Nostradamus’ timing benchmark. Starting circa 2009, we started reading and hearing more and more about this subject matter. Therefore, we could reasonably consider the year 2009 as the “time epicenter” of the climate change phenomenon. In parallel with the increased exposure to climate change news, at about the same time we started to experience more frequent weather irregularities, climate and temperature changes, more intense floods, disappearing glaciers, the devastation of agriculture and animal husbandry due to lack of rainfall, more intense and frequent “el Nino and la Nina”, melting Arctic ice and permafrost, etc.

Looking at all these ongoing climate changes, we can reasonably accept that Nostradamus’ prediction has been materializing in front of our eyes. Nostradamus’ “monster” has actually been gradually unfolding during our lifetime. The monster is here, and every day that passes by, this monster is giving us more and more indications of planet changes and the devastation that is to come. Yet, in spite of all our afore-cited experiences, mankind’s reaction has, so far, remained pathetically passive – probably because we failed to recognize that the repercussions will also impact our generation – not only future generations.

The fundamental reasons of mankind’s apathy towards climate change may be due to a variety of reasons: We failed to recognize the immediacy of the impact. We erroneously assumed that our generation will survive unscathed. We refused to recognize and/or accept the implications of this “monster”, namely, the aspects of magnitude and extent – the degree of devastation. Due to political and socio-economic reasons, we refused to allow climate change to permeate into our human consciousness. We are treating it as a temporary phenomenon that will soon pass away, or miraculously disappear, without any repercussions to us and future generations. But, that is not what Nostradamus is telling us in his many other quatrains. His predictions are dire – they are apolitical; they are global, irrespective of race, religious affiliation, or nationality; and, they should not be dismissed because they are relevant to current scientific studies that address the impact of climate change. The only difference between Nostradamus and the current scientific studies is: Nostradamus wrote his predictions post facto, on the basis of the conditions he saw; whereas, the scientific studies are basing their conclusions on projected scientific outcomes. The critical issue is that the results are identical.

Normally, when an event takes place, the results are not immediately forthcoming. Invariably, there is a delayed reaction. Such is the case with climate change and its related consequences we are currently experiencing. Periodically we hear news or read articles about climate change. In other cases, we personally experience events that are obviously different from what we have been accustomed to in the past. On a year by year basis these changes may have not been very perceptible, and we tend to dismiss them. However, as time passes by, conditions are deteriorating. Maybe, had we undergone a major, abrupt, change, our reaction may have been different. Nevertheless, in the last few months, with every passing month the news become more and more dire, more alarming, more threatening. What motivated me to revisit this prediction are the four articles cited below. The content of these articles convinced me that climate change and its related ramifications are deteriorating at an accelerated rate. There can be no doubt about it. The day of the Epiphany is soon approaching.

The four articles mentioned above, are:


The title of the above article is: Melting Ice Opens Fight Over Sea Routes for Arctic Debate


The title of the above article is: Food Supply under Assault as Climate Heats Up.


The title of the above article is: Heat-Trapping Gas Passes Milestone, Raising Fears.


The title of the above article is: The Climate of Tibet Pole-land.

Nostradamus’ prediction is an impassionate message to mankind to raise human awareness of the perils of climate change. That is why he wrote so many quatrains pertaining to geologic and climate changes, a world-wide famine, strife and conflict, and the rise of the sea elevation. Paleontologist Richard Leakey wrote: “Extinction is always driven by environmental change. Environmental change is always driven by climate change.”