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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Syrian Civil War

This quatrain was interpreted in 2010; it is currently being re-interpreted.

Century II, Quatrain 62:
Mabus will then soon die and there will come a dreadful destruction of people and animals.  Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands, thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
See comments below.

General Comments:
This interpretation was posted back in 2010. At that time I had assumed that the “dreadful destruction of people and animals” referred to a North Korean nuclear attack. In retrospect, I believe my assumption was wrong. North Korea will not achieve nuclear delivery capability for several more years. The more likely cause of this “dreadful destruction” could be the use of chemical and/or biological weapons by Syria’s Assad regime. Let me explain.

• Nostradamus’ description of this event as a “dreadful destruction of people and animals” qualifies this as the result of a chemical and/or biological attack.

• From the vary beginning of the civil uprising it became apparent that the Assad regime was willing to to use brutal force to put down the insurrection.

• As the civil war progressed and the rebels gained ground, Assad’s determination to use brutal force continued unabated. The utter destruction of Syrian cities and the mass exodus of its population to neighboring countries clearly demonstrate that the Assad regime does not care about the preservation of Syria as a country, but that the regime is interested only in the survival of the Alawites. In Assad's mind “The end justifies the means.” There can be no doubt about it. Look at what is left of Syria! How could this country rebuild itself and survive under the conditions it currently is in? Having killed so many people and destroyed the livelihood of its population, how could the Alawites, at this point, convince themselves that if they lose, they won’t be massacred? Under the current conditions, their extinction is almost certain. Who could stop the retribution?

• Therefore, the logical assumption is that if the Assad regime continues to lose, it will eventually deploy weapons of mass destruction. It is no longer an option of Assad departing from Syria in order to stop hostilities. That point was passed long ago. The bloodshed, destruction, and human misery that have been created by the Assad regime have created a hatefulness that can only be appeased by the slaughter of the Alawites. At this point, the “enemy” in the eyes of the opposition is not just Assad or his immediate group. It is the entire Alawite group. This is why Nostradamus refers to “vengeance”. The way in which hostilities have evolved, vengeance against the Alawalite minority is a foregone conclusion.  It will be a massacre.

• Note that Nostradamus set a timing reference for this event to happen. He tells us that Mabus must first die. In my previous interpretation I had assumed that Mabus referred to Mahmoud Abbas. We will soon find out if this reference point is correct.