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Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Hits New York City

This prediction was interpreted in 2005; was posted on October 29, 2012.
Century IX, Quatrain 48:
The great city of the maritime ocean, surrounded by a swamp of crystal; in the winter solstice and the spring will be tried by a dreadful wind.

Interpretation with explanatory remarks:
This prediction probably applies to New York City, but we won't be able to fully validate this prediction unless the city is hit by another similar weather event.  This event is predicted to happen twice.

The brief description of the "great city" fits New York City extraordinarily well.  New York City has been known as a maritime metropolis and as a cultural center of the West.  It is situated on the Atlantic coast, an area of great maritime activity.  The expression "surrounded by a swamp of crystal" befits the city's outline with its many high-rise buildings and skyscrapers with their glittering windows. 

It should be noted that the expression "swamp of crystal" may have a dual connotation.  "Swamp" implies "plenty", but it also connotes a "lowland", and that area around Manhattan is indeed a lowland.

Nostradamus tells us that this dreadful wind would take place in the winter solstice, which is circa December 22. The actual event is taking place at the end of October 2012, about a month and a half earlier than predicted.  We can't tell if Nostradamus miscalculated the date, or whether he wanted to tell us that the event would take place around this time of the year.  However, as noted by the weather professionals, the fact that we are currently experiencing such a weather pattern at this time of the year and under such unique conditions, is in and of itself a very unique event.