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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fukushima’s March 2011 Earthquake Is A Prelude To The Prophecies for 2012

Quatrain Interpreted March, 2011
Century III, Quatrain 34
Then when the eclipse of the sun will be in broad daylight the monster will be seen.  It will be interpreted quite differently; they will not care about expense, none will have provided for it.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
This quatrain was interpreted before.  At this point I merely wish to comment on the implications of the 9.0-magnitude devastating earthquake that took place in Fukushima, Japan, on March 2011.  The earthquake/tsunami could be a prelude of what is to come in 2012.  Just imagine this type of an event happening in different parts of the planet!

General Comment:  
There are many speculations surrounding the prophecies of Nostradamus and the Mayans regarding the events that may transpire on December 21, 2012.  There are individuals who believe 2012 will be the end of the planet.  Others don’t believe in prophecies.  They believe nothing will happen.  They assume our planet will continue to exist as is. 

Judging from Nostradamus’ predictions related to the post-2012 period, I believe both positions are wrong.  Indeed, our planet earth could suffer a major geologic devastation, but it would not be the end of the world.  Probably millions of people could perish, but life would go on.  The planet will continue to exist with a new geological profile.  The earth’s axis may change which could cause the ice at the poles to melt much more rapidly.  The land mass of continents could shrink.  Low elevation lands would be submerged.  Many islands would disappear, and others would be reduced in size.  The combination of severe tectonic activity and tsunamis – just like what happened recently in Japan – could kill millions of people.  In addition, there could be volcanic activity that could add to the rest of human misery.  Let me explain the reasons for my beliefs.   

First, the fact that both Nostradamus and the Mayans, independently and without knowing what each other said about 12/21/2012, predicted a cataclysmic event related to a planetary alignment, clearly renders credibility to the prediction.  The prediction may have been described differently, but both predictions are describing the same event and the identical time.  Nostradamus refers to a total solar eclipse, which is projected for November 13-14, 2012.  (Note that History Channel has referred to a pictorial book.  Their date is December 21, 2012.)  The Mayans refer to the date and a planetary alignment.  This can not be an accidental coincidence.  However, if both Nostradamus and the Mayans had strong psychic abilities, they could certainly see the future – even if the future was centuries away.  Of course, this remains to be determined, as events unfold. 

Second, throughout the millenniums, our planet went through several geological periods.  During these periods the planet’s profile kept changing morphologically. Continents drifted from one unified land mass to what we have today. Thus, as continents drifted, the profile of the land and sea kept changing.  At the same time, the planet experienced cooling, glaciations, and warming periods.  The fauna and flora blossomed and perished repeatedly.  Some species survived through environmental adaptation and genetic mutations.  In parallel with the above situations, atmospheric conditions changed, caused by a variety of different variables, such as volcanic activity, asteroid impact, amount of vegetation, generation of carbon dioxide, etc.  The point I would like to make is that the planet has been in constant change.  Some changes occurred gradually.  Other changes were more abrupt.  If planet earth experienced such traumatic changes and turmoil in the past, the probability is that such events will take place again.  Could 2012 be one of those times the planet will undergo another abrupt change?  It remains to be seen.   

Third, in parallel with all the tectonic changes going on as cited above, the angle of the planet’s axis has been changing.  It has been proven scientifically that in past times the poles were where the equator is today.  The critical question is “What causes the axis of the planet to change its angle?”  For sure, we know that powerful earthquakes, such as the ones we experienced recently in Chile and Japan, can change the angle of the earth’s axis, but could there also be other causes?  Another cause is the impact of asteroids.  But, could another cause be unique periodic planetary alignments that could affect the planet’s magnetic properties, thus causing the angle of the axis to change?  The TV History channel said that the Mayan planetary alignment takes place every 23,000 years.  This could certainly be another cause that up-to-now human beings have not been able to experience, or prove or disprove, because we haven’t been around that long.  Is this what the Mayans and Nostradamus are trying to tell us?  We will soon find out.

I certainly hope that my assumptions are wrong, and nothing eventful will happen.  But, if Japan’s March 2011 earthquake/tsunami is, indeed, a prelude to what is to come, we should take a good look at what happened to Japan and prepare for the worst.  Japan’s earthquake may have provided us an opportunity for “lessons learned.”  If we assume that in 2012 mankind will be inflicted by similar devastations all over the planet, maybe we could mitigate the impact through advance preparations.  Some ideas that come to mind are:

1.      Those living close to nuclear plants should buy iodine or potassium iodide pills to protect themselves against potential melt-downs.  These pills will help against nuclear radiation.  If you wait till the last minute to buy these pills, they may not be available, and even if they are available, prices may be much higher because of the demand and the scarcity of supplies.  In addition, companies manufacturing these pills may be unable to produce large quantities immediately after a major devastation.  The federal government may not have the required quantities to supply everyone throughout the country.  Furthermore, if the planet experiences a major cataclysm, we should assume that there will be pandemonium and chaos.  Things will not work out as expected or planned.  Roads could be damaged, bridges could be unsafe, and airport runways could be damaged.  In addition, workers may be unable to travel with the ease and speed we do under normal working conditions.

2.      People should have enough cash on hand to support themselves for at least three months.  If we experience a world-wide tectonic devastation, most of the banks, if not all, will close their doors.  Even if the banks don’t lose all of their collateral deposits and/or investments, rest assured the banks will use every possible excuse not to return their customers’ deposits.  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) will not have the resources to cover losses of such great magnitude.  The situation could be a lot worse than it was during the 1929 depression.  Nowadays there are a lot more banks than in 1929, and banks usually hold greater amounts of customer deposits.

3.      Every household should have enough bottled water for cooking and drinking to support the family for about three months.  Reconstruction of damaged infrastructure after a major devastation will take a long time.  The decision-process and its follow-on execution take a long time.  Design plans may have to be drawn, budgets will have to be approved, task orders will have to be prepared, contract bids will have to be submitted, proposals will have to be evaluated, etc. 

4.      Every household should have enough food to cover at least three months of basic necessities.  Assuming many households could lose electric power and gas, arrange for other means of cooking.

5.      Those that require special medication, buy a three-months supply in advance of December 21.  Don’t assume that these items will be readily available after such an event.

6.      Those that are ill and require medical procedures/operations should consider having them several weeks prior to December 21, 2012.  If we were to experience any destructive tectonic activity in 2012, medical facilities and doctors may not be available for elective medical issues. 

7.      After a major earthquake one potential danger is fires caused by ruptured gas lines.  I suggest you contact your respective gas provider to get advice as to how to best protect your household against such an event.

8.      Those who watched pictures and videos of the aftermath of Japan’s earthquake/tsunami devastation may have noticed the great social discipline that prevailed among the ruined communities.  There was no looting or social disobedience.  The conduct of the Japanese people was impeccable.  They conducted themselves with utmost dignity.  Unfortunately, this may not be the situation in Western societies.  Furthermore, the extent of the 2012 disaster, judging from Nostradamus’ predictions, will be much broader and more devastating.  Communities should not rely on police to maintain discipline and order.  In fact, the police personnel will have problems of their own and they may not be readily available.  Communities will need to organize their own vigilante groups to maintain order and keep looters and/or unwanted people away from their communities.

9.      If the planet experiences a major tectonic upheaval, in all probability a lot of the earth’s crust layers (strata) would slide in relation to each other.  If this were to happen, two possible scenarios could take place.

·        First, in the case of oil companies that have drilled on land for natural gas using the fracking process (hydraulic fracturing), the pipes drilled through the various strata could be damaged, allowing chemical liquids to surface to the water table.  In addition, parts of the strata could be damaged creating fissures through which the injected liquid could surface to the respective water tables polluting them with chemicals, thus rendering the water undrinkable.  Thus, those living in areas where gas fracking is being performed, even if they survive the earthquake, they may find themselves unable to survive if they stay in the same place because of lack of unpolluted drinking water.  The polluted water will affect people, grazing animals, wild life – and maybe vegetation. 

·        The second scenario pertains to oil wells drilled in the sea.  The scenario is basically identical to the previous one with the exception that in this case it will be oil and natural gas that could escape to the sea floor and pollute the sea.  In fact, even now we periodically experience such problems in the Gulf of Mexico in cases where unproductive and/or abandoned wells are not plugged properly.  In the case of oil wells drilled in the sea, the deeper the well, the greater the probability the pipe and/or the strata could be damaged.  I am mentioning this scenario because the Hopi Indians predicted that the sea will turn black.  If such a catastrophe were to take place, the sea will certainly change color and the sea life will disappear in no time.    

10.  A major tectonic/volcanic/tsunami activity and ensuing fires could destroy houses and high-rise buildings.  So, don’t keep valuables just anywhere in your residence.   

11.  Those residing in low elevation land, like coastal areas in the South, should arrange for a two-to-three-week vacation to higher elevation areas.  Take a good look at what happened to coastal areas in Japan.  Low elevation areas will surely be affected by powerful tsunamis.  Take a vacation about a week prior to December 21, 2012, and stay away for a week past that date.  This suggestion is made on the assumption that the event will happen exactly on December 21, as predicted, but this may not necessarily be correct.  The event could very well happen a few weeks before or after the December 21 date.

In century VIII, quatrain 81, Nostradamus writes “The new empire in desolation will be changed from the Northern Pole…”  This quatrain contains a lot of very important, and potentially relevant, information, but what exactly is Nostradamus trying to tell us? 

The words the “new empire”, most probably, symbolize the countries comprising the European Common Market (ECM).  Nostradamus lived in France.  He was familiar with Europe.  He referred to a geographic area he was familiar with.  For sure, the ECM covers a large geographic area, and from a geopolitical perspective its current governmental system has a lot of similarities with those of an empire.  For centuries Europe existed as separate nations/State entities feuding with each other.   From a historical perspective the ECM is a very recent development, and in this respect the term “New Empire” could be considered a very appropriate symbolism.  The reference to “new” is indeed an excellent qualification of the European Common Market.  He then goes on to say that this new empire “…in desolation will be changed from the Northern Pole…”  What does this expression mean?  If my interpretation of this quatrain is correct, Nostradamus could be telling us that the magnitude of the 2012 earthquake(s) would be way off the Richter scale, much higher than Japan’s 9.0.  What else is he telling us?

·        First and foremost, he tells us that the ECM will be desolated.  Webster’s Dictionary defines “desolation” as devastation, ruin, barren wasteland.  The definition brings back to mind TV images of Fukushima’s devastation!  Could this devastation take place as a result of one or more very devastating earthquakes, possibly in combination with tsunamis and/or the melt-down of nuclear power plants?  The ECM covers a very large geographic area.  So, he is obviously inferring that the cause of this desolation will have to be an extremely destructive event.  Since this kind of desolation does not take place often – we have not experienced such a destructive event during the entire history of mankind – he is insinuating that the event is a very “rare and unusual occurrence”. 

·        Second, by association, he insinuates that if all these ECM countries would be desolated, the rest of the countries occupying the current Northern Hemisphere would also be impacted by this desolation.  In fact, the entire planet would be affected one way or another. 

·        Third, he tells us that all the countries comprising the New Empire “…will be changed from the Northern Pole”. Could this mean that they would no longer be in the Northern hemisphere?  The way he has worded the quatrain he could be telling us that the countries comprising the ECM would end up in the Southern hemisphere.  If they are no longer in the Northern hemisphere, the only other hemisphere remaining in this planet is the Southern one.  But, since he says “…changed from the Northern Pole…”, he could very well be saying that the location of the countries in ECM would change in relation to the Northern Pole.  In other words, they will still remain in the Northern hemisphere but the respective latitude and longitude of the ECM countries will change. Either of the above interpretations infers a considerable change of the earth’s axis.  Such an event could certainly be cataclysmic, but it would not necessarily be the end of the planet or the disappearance of mankind.  In fact, this event may have taken place many times before but we have no way of knowing it.  Homo sapiens haven’t been around that long.  Do you see the similarity of Nostradamus’ prediction to that of the Mayans?  What is the statistical probability of these two, totally independent, predictions describing fundamentally the same event and citing the same time?   

·        Fourth, a change in the earth’s axis presupposes that the earth’s outer crust would be disturbed (The earthquakes in Chile and Fukushima, Japan, resulted in a change of the earth’s axis too, but the change was minor).  The outer tectonic plates would have to reposition themselves, causing a series of periodic, follow-on, powerful earthquakes.  This period of tectonic instability could last for a long time.

·        Fifth, the geologic profile of the earth would change, with commensurate climate changes, new sea currents, new ecological systems, and weather patterns.        
Judging from what Nostradamus is saying in the afore-mentioned quatrain, the events of 2012 could be apocalyptic.  Many nuclear power plants would incur melt-downs.  Dams would burst. Bridges, overpasses, tunnels, and high-rise buildings would, for sure, collapse.  Many houses would be destroyed and/or burned as a result of ensuing fires.  Low elevation lands would be submerged. Millions of people could perish.  Properties and entire fortunes would be destroyed instantaneously – just like in Japan.  December 21, 2012 could indeed be the official start of the Apocalypse, the beginning of mankind’s trials and tribulations.  If the readers have any doubts, all they have to do is look at the devastation of Fukushima, Japan.  The event was totally unexpected. Fukushima could, indeed, be a microcosm of what the world could witness in 2012.

If the above event were to happen, the survivors should thank The Lord our God for everything He has given us and everything He has not given us.  Even under the most desperate conditions mankind should not despair.  We must never lose hope.  There is a purpose in God’s actions.  All global changes are nature’s way of establishing periodic checks and balances in nature.  Furthermore, we ought to recognize that God is not punishing us.  Our souls are here on this planet earth for one purpose only – to evolve spiritually.  The events in our respective lives are tests to build us spiritually, not to punish us.  Lifetime events are learning experiences. 

In the last two-to-three decades mankind’s avarice has surged to inordinate and obscene levels.  Corrupt politicians, greedy lobbyists, unethical dictators, and unscrupulous CEOs and Board of Directors systematically plundered mankind in order to amass material wealth that, rightfully, did not belong to them.  This event could indeed steer mankind away from this pernicious greed that afflicted mankind like a highly contagious virus and lead us to a happier path of spiritual uplifting and spiritual consciousness.