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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Solar Eclipse, November 13-14, 2012

This quatrain was updated in August 2009.

Century V, Quatrain 32
Where all is good, all well abundant, in Sun and Moon its ruin approaches. It comes from heaven as you boast of your fortune, in the same state as the seventh rock.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks

The expression “…in Sun and Moon…” is one of those Nostradamus convoluted expressions that he is so well-known for. An eclipse can only take place with the sun and the moon. I believe he may be referring to the November 13-14, 2012 eclipse, but he didn’t want to be straight-forward. If we accept this interpretation to be the correct one, the rest is somewhat self-explanatory.

He is saying that at a time when everything on the planet is normal and people have life’s necessities in abundance, the planet will experience devastating geologic upheavals that will coincide with an eclipse. The word “ruin” implies that this event will be catastrophic for mankind. His reference to the seventh rock may indicate that during this eclipse the planet’s rotation axis will tilt sideways.
It is noteworthy to note that this event will take place totally unexpectedly (see his remark “…as you boast of your fortune…”).

General Comment:
This quatrain complements Century III, quatrain 34, which refers to the “monster” that will appear or take place during a solar eclipse. In Century V, quatrain 32, however, Nostradamus is more straight-forward, and he may be telling us that during this eclipse there will be serious geologic disturbances resulting from a shift in the earth’s rotation axis that will change the geologic profile of the planet dramatically (this is implied from his reference to the “seventh rock”, planet Uranus, which has an axis tilting sideways).

A tilt in the earth’s axis could bring about changes in the earth’s tectonic plates resulting in world-wide destructive earthquakes and tsunamis. There may be volcanic eruptions of active and up-to-now dormant volcanoes with devastating results. The ice on the north and south poles could break-up into floating icebergs, speeding-up its melting, resulting in rising sea levels. All these changes could seriously alter today’s geologic profile of the earth in a relatively short period. Islands and low-elevation areas would be submerged. Climates and weather patterns would be altered, impacting agricultural productivity, animal husbandry, and the fishing industry. Many species would vanish, just like in past geologic catastrophic events. There would be widespread misery and famine for the human race.

The afore-cited quatrains are extremely important. In fact, they may be the two most important quatrains of all the Nostradamus predictions. They mark the turning point of human civilization as we have known it for the last two thousand plus years. The world may never again look the same. The questions we now need to ask ourselves are “Are these two predictions logical, credible, and probable? Have similar geologic changes taken place in the past?” The answer to both questions is “Yes”.

In terms of geologic times, the earth has been in constant change and periodic turmoil. Continents have drifted apart. The north and south poles have changed position – probably several times. The question is “What triggers the earth to shift its tilt and the poles to keep relocating?” It certainly does not happen frequently, but there is probably a timing mechanism – maybe an association with a rare astrological alignment – that periodically causes the earth’s axis to shift. It has happened in the past, and it can certainly happen again. This is what Nostradamus may be alluding to.

Having said the above, I would like to point out another possible interpretation. Nostradamus may be using the eclipse as a general timing reference. Tectonic activity could start a few months before November 13-14, 2012, and it could continue a few months past that timing reference. The eclipse may be merely a general point of reference, and it may not mean that the tectonic activity will coincide precisely with the timing of the eclipse.

But why is Nostradamus, time and again, emphasizes the solar eclipse, climate/weather change, icebergs, migration of people, and world-wide famine? Is he trying to alert us about a momentous event destined to befall upon mankind? He is obviously seeking our attention. He wants to convey a message to mankind. He wants mankind to know that these changes brought about by the geologic disturbances will dramatically alter our life-style as we know it today.

The event he describes in both of the afore-cited quatrains will literally “transport” us overnight to the era of the Apocalypse – the time of mankind’s trials and tribulations. There will be a lot of suffering, and there will also be the potential for more violence, turmoil, and unpredictability. He is telling us about all these changes because he hopes the understanding of things to come will help bring peace to the planet. He is alerting mankind that we are about to plunge into the midst of the Apocalypse and we need to change. We need to be less hateful, less polemic. We need to become more tolerant and inclusive. We need to be less materialistic and become more spiritual, and more understanding. We need to stop being divisive and be more inclusive. We need to abandon this excessive greed-epidemic and become more thoughtful of those in need. He is telling us that all these imaginary barbed wire fences, minefields, and stonewalls, organized religions and societies have built to separate people, nations, and races from each other, must be torn down. We need to realize and accept the universal spiritual connection we have with each other and with our Creator. He is telling us that this is the only way mankind can alleviate the pain of its burden and suffering. He is telling us that material wealth is a temporal illusion. The perceived benefits of greed are ephemeral.