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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Monster, Mayan Calendar and Related Prophecies for 2012

This quatrain was updated in August 2009

Century III, Quatrain 34
Then when the eclipse of the sun will be in broad daylight the monster will be seen. It will be interpreted quite differently; they will not care about expense, none will have provided for it.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarkes
In my previous interpretation of this quatrain I assumed the eclipse of the sun Nostradamus referred to pertained to the one we had on July 22, 2009. In retrospect, this quatrain may refer to one of the eclipses that are expected to occur in 2012. Details are cited below.

General Comments:

This prediction by itself does not give us specific details. However, Nostradamus has written several other predictions which appear to be relevant to this one, and which provide precise details on what is to follow and how they will affect mankind. The amazing thing about this entire group of quatrains is that current geologic and weather events make them so credible. Is he warning us that our existence and prosperity on earth is ephemeral and we ought to become more spiritual?

This eclipse is used by Nostradamus as a timing benchmark when something with potentially world-wide catastrophic consequences will “become apparent” or actually take place – and he characterizes this event as a “monster”. Could this event be the beginning of a series of catastrophic geologic events, which, within a short time, drastically change the geologic profile of the earth? Could this event, referred to as a “monster”, be the harbinger of all the geologic/climate conditions he describes in several other quatrains? Looking at all these quatrains, the inference is that they are all related and that this “eclipse of the sun” will be the beginning of major geologic/climate changes.

The events described by Nostradamus in the predictions cited below correspond to what has been predicted by the Mayans – the only exception being that Nostradamus does not say this is the end of the world but the beginning of humanity’s trials and tribulations described in Saint John’s Apocalypse. Specific quatrains related to this subject are:

1. In Century V, Quatrain 32 Nostradamus writes “Where all is good, all well abundant, in Sun and Moon its ruin approaches. It comes from heaven as you boast of your fortune, in the same state as the seventh rock.” This prediction may be complementing Century III, quatrain 34. The inference of this quatrain is that the world will experience a change of fortune from a sudden geologic disturbance. Could it be the one predicted by the Mayans in 2012? Could one of the geologic events cause a change in the axis of the earth?

2. In Century I, Quatrain 69, Nostradamus says that countries will be submerged by rising seas resulting from melting icebergs. Note that he does not attribute the melting of the icebergs to global warming. In the final analysis, the actual cause for global warming may be a mundane issue because melting of the polar ice may have indeed been started as a result of global warming caused by humans, but the inference from all his quatrains indicates that the main cause of the earth’s changes will occur as a result of a rare planetary alignment expected to occur in 2012. This planetary alignment coincides with the eclipse of the sun he is referring to. This event was also foreseen by the Mayans. Details of this planetary alignment and the Mayan prophecies are explained on Nostradamus programs shown on TV, History Channel (DIRECTV, channel 269).

3. In Century VIII, Quatrain 81, Nostradamus says “The new empire in desolation will be changed from the Northern Pole….” (For more details refer to the previous interpretation of this quatrain.) In this quatrain Nostradamus tells us, in very clear and specific terms, that the population from the northern hemisphere will migrate to other parts of the world. The word “desolation” infers a catastrophe similar to the sudden devastation inflicted by hurricane Katrina on New Orleans. In the predictions described by Nostradamus, the migration of people may be caused by the submergence of certain areas/countries by rising sea levels, but it could also be caused by extreme climate changes, which could force populations to migrate. For example, rising sea levels could affect the salinity of sea water, which, in turn, could affect sea currents like the Gulf Stream, which brings warm water to the British Isles and southern Europe and renders the climate more temperate. Without the warming effect of the Gulf Stream, those parts of the globe could become so cold to the point of rendering those areas uninhabitable. Furthermore, Nostradamus’ use of the word “desolation” infers that this devastation could take place in a relatively short time – probably within a few years following 2012.

4. In Century V, Quatrain 86, Nostradamus says “Divided by two heads and three arms, the great city will be troubled by water. Some of the great men among them, wandering in exile; Byzantium is hard pressed by the leader of Persia.” For a complete explanation, see the original interpretation of this quatrain. What I want to point out here is a very important timing reference between Nostradamus’ expressions “…troubled by water” (meaning rising sea) and “Byzantium is hard pressed by the leader of Persia”.

· First, the inference from this quatrain is that the rising sea elevation will take place within a short time following the appearance/occurrence of the “Monster”. The reason for this inference is his afore-cited relationship between Byzantium (meaning present-day Istanbul/Turkey) and Persia (meaning present-day Iran), both of which are key political players in Middle East’s current ongoing events. (Most readers are aware of Iran’s current nuclear power program and Iran’s aspirations to entice the Muslim world against the Western powers.)

· Second, Nostradamus points out that this pressure on Byzantium (modern-day Turkey) is exerted by the “leader” of Persia – namely, the Ayatollah who forcefully took control of the country. In other words, Nostradamus makes a clear distinction between Iran’s government that is exerting this political and ideological/religious pressure, and its people. In fact, we already hear and read about this relationship between Turkey and Iran. Nostradamus is merely telling us this “religious brotherhood” will intensify as Iran endeavors to take advantage of the political mess in the Middle East.

· The third very important hint is Nostradamus’ specific reference to Turkey, and not some other Middle Eastern Muslim country. But, why is he referring to Turkey? There are many Muslim countries in the Middle East. Why Turkey? What does Turkey have that the other Muslim countries lack? For several decades Turkey’s religion has been strictly secular. However, since Prime Minister Erdogan’s party has been in control, Turkey has developed closer working relations with Iran and a closer affiliation with Muslim fundamentalism and the Muslim cause. This closeness to the Muslim world has rendered Turkey very influential. The change in Turkey’s foreign policy position started circa 2003, and it is precisely this change in Turkey’s attitude and socio-political interests that renders Turkey subject to Iran’s pressure. Had Turkey remained a secular country as before, they would not be subject to Muslim fundamentalist pressure from the Ayatollahs and to anti-Israeli rhetoric.

The “pressure from the leader of Persia” that Nostradamus so aptly describes is exerted because the Erdogan government has enabled fundamentalist ideology to creep into the country. It is for this reason the success of Iran’s pan-Muslim axis is predicated on Turkey’s position. In the last few years Turkey has become a key player in Iran’s ideological efforts for regional dominance. The fact that Nostradamus referred to this Iranian-Turkish ideological brotherhood – which is a very recent and ongoing phenomenon – infers that the rising of the sea elevation will take place within a short time following the solar eclipse referred to by Nostradamus.

5. In Century I, Quatrain 67, Nostradamus says “The great famine which I see approaching….It will be so vast and long…” Here he tells us in very clear language that changes in the earth’s geologic profile will affect the weather/climate, which, in turn, will adversely impact food productivity.

6. In Century I, Quatrain 17, Nostradamus says “…The dry earth will grow more parched, .…” Once again, he vividly describes wide variations in weather that will affect living conditions and the food supply chain.

7. In Century II, Quatrain 75, Nostradamus says “…bushels of wheat will rise so high that man will devour his fellow man.” This prediction depicts a situation of serious food scarcity and very high food prices. Nostradamus may also indicate that when there is suffering and hunger, wars and violence increase. Could this situation be one of the reasons for the “dissension and bloodshed” he predicts in Century II, Quatrain95 (next paragraph)? Think about it. How would a society, armed to its teeth – as the U.S. currently is – react to a series of natural and economic disasters that raise unemployment and desperation to unacceptable levels?

8. In Century II, Quatrain 95, Nostradamus says “The populated lands will become uninhabitable…Then for the great brothers, death and dissension.” Once again, Nostradamus tells us that as a result of changes in the earth’s geologic profile and extreme climate changes, the habitable places of the earth will change. The last sentence in the quatrain refers to the “great brothers” – implying the US (the Kennedy brothers) will experience a serious social upheaval and bloodshed.

· The expression “The populated lands will become uninhabitable” probably alludes to countries or portions of countries (and islands) which will be submerged by the seas or become uninhabitable due to extreme weather/temperature conditions.

· The expression “Then for the great brothers, death and dissension”, might describe the social conditions and prevailing mental state of the citizens in our country, symbolically referred to as the country of the three Kennedy brothers. This prediction appears to be a warning to us to get our house in order before it is too late. This prediction merits our outmost attention. Let me please explain.

· The national debt is in the trillions, and incrementally growing. The U.S. treasury is empty, squandered on political pork, unnecessary wars, and questionable foreign aid. The economy is in shatters. Our manufacturing has been exported to other countries in order to enrich CEOs and Board of Directors of multi-national corporations. Wall Street firms are controlled by predominantly corrupt CEOs whose sole purpose is to maximize profits, primarily for self-serving purposes. We have a serious and growing chasm in income disparity. The rich get richer and the rest get poorer. Foreclosures, bankruptcies, credit card defaults, unemployment, and homelessness are rising with no end in sight. The expression “Then for the great brothers, death and dissension” aptly describes the social conditions and prevailing attitudes we are currently experiencing in our society. Nostradamus is giving us a very clear warning that conditions could deteriorate to the point of a complete social break-down and bloodshed, unless we can expeditiously and effectively resolve today’s issues.

· All current evolving events substantiate Nostradamus’ prediction. The country is evolving from bad-to-worse. Television commentators and news-media, more-and-more, talk about this social divide and prevailing anger and hatred in our society. The 1995 Oklahoma event instigated by Timothy McVeigh could easily be replicated by future McVeigh clones. Our military establishment has given them an outstanding opportunity to train themselves. The only issue is, this time they may not go after Federal buildings but after those they perceive to be responsible for their personal demise and the weakened state of the Union.

· In addition to the above prevailing conditions, the political system is dysfunctional and ineffectual. Political separatism has intensified. Party disputes have recently taken a particularly ugly and menacing turn. Corrupt politicians and political commentators are continuously pouring fuel into the fire by fomenting dissension, instilling political fear, and creating economic insecurity and racial hatred.

Our society is already split – economically, racially, politically, religiously, and mentally. We have religious fanatics and a variety of hate groups, militias guided by a variety of conspiracy theories, political extremists, demonized individuals, and all sorts of fanatical extremists. On top of this, we have a society well-armed and capable of doing exactly what Nostradamus describes. All these make for a perfect storm.