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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Terrorism and Large-Scale Migration

This quatrain was interpreted on December 2007.

Century VIII, Quatrain 81
The new empire in desolation will be changed from the Northern Pole. From Sicily will come such trouble that it will bother the enterprise tributary to Philip.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
For the most part this prediction is somewhat self-explanatory. Nostradamus’ last comment regarding the “…enterprise tributary to Philip” will be discussed below as part of the general commentary on this quatrain.

General Comment: This quatrain provides two critical pieces of information:

First it tells us that “the empire in desolation will change from the Northern Pole”. The word “empire” may refer to the western industrialized countries. “Northern Pole” probably indicates the northern hemisphere. So, he is telling us that following the North Korean nuclear attack, living conditions in parts of the northern hemisphere will be so bleak that there will be a large-scale migration of people[1] to the southern hemisphere (or to the southern parts of the northern hemisphere).

The second point is his reference to “Sicily” as a metaphor for terrorism/criminal activities.

In century VII, quatrain 6, Nostradamus tells us that Sicily will be uninhabited, presumably due to radioactive contamination and nuclear devastation. However, in quatrain 81 we have a distinct contradiction. How could Sicily create such trouble if it is uninhabited? Obviously, Nostradamus is using the reference to Sicily symbolically to convey a very important message. Namely, Sicily has been known as the origin of mafia organizations that have been involved in all types of illegal and corrupt activities, as well as killings, extortions, and violence. He is using the reference to “Sicily” to alert us that the world will experience a lot of terrorist and/or illegal/criminal activities. The comment “…it will bother the enterprise tributary to Philip” may allude to the extensive maritime activities/commercialism during the reign of king Philip II of Spain. Nostradamus is using this expression metaphorically to tell us that terrorism/illegal activities will be world-wide and that they will impact many countries. Note the expression “…bother the enterprise…”. In other words, Sicily will create a lot of trouble…

[1] In a previously discussed quatrain (see century VIII, quatrain 77) Nostradamus used the term “exile”. The term refers to involuntary migration brought about by the war’s devastation.