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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nostradamus' Religious Manifesto

There can be no doubt that about four hundred and fifty years ago Nostradamus predicted the events cited at with the outmost accuracy and apocalyptic detail, but at this time it is very important to recognize that Nostradamus is only the messenger. In the final analysis, his power of prediction was a divine gift bestowed on him by our Creator for a specific purpose. It is, therefore, essential that we now focus our attention not on Nostradamus, but on the message conveyed to all of us from our God and Creator. So, what is the Divine message, and what are the implications?

Nostradamus was very clear in specifying that the message of his prediction is for all mankind, for all of us, regardless of our religious affiliation, race, gender, or nationality. The message implies inclusion, not divisiveness or exclusion. This means that in our Creator’s eyes we are all equal; we are all His loving children. There is no such thing as one religious group being better than another, or that individuals of a specific faith are favored over others. One’s ability to attain everlasting life depends solely on that person’s purity of heart and soul, his/her ability to attain attunement with God through genuine prayer and spiritual progression, and his/her love for our Creator and for our “neighbors”, our fellow men.

For agnostics and atheists the passing of his predictions offers them the opportunity to reconsider their position and acknowledge the eternal presence of the Creator. It is the opportune time to gain awareness that God is around us and within us. We merely need to seek Him “in spirit and in truth” to build the spiritual attunement that will result in spiritual awareness. Nostradamus has been successful in his prediction solely because of the existence of the Spirit. There can be no doubt about it.

The Apocalypse offers the opportunity to all of us to strengthen our awareness of God’s eternal presence. There cannot be the slightest doubt that God exists and that this Spirit Power is the alpha and omega, the creative force throughout the universe. In fact, the passing of Nostradamus’ prediction clearly and unequivocally confirms “the spiritual brotherhood of the living and the dead”. Yes, the “dead”, for there is life after death, and just because people pass away and their souls leave this plane referred to as planet earth, their spirit continuous to exist. This is exactly what Jesus Christ was talking about in The New Testament.

Two thousand years ago the Israelites were waiting for the arrival of the Messiah, to come and liberate them from their enemies and restore the old power of Israel. The Messiah did come, but when he came, his purpose was spiritual – to open our eyes and create awareness of God’s eternal presence around us and within us. Christ came to earth to teach, to teach us the importance of loving God and our neighbors. His teachings constitute a spiritual code of ethical standards. He did not call himself “Christian”. He certainly did not differentiate himself from others on the basis of religion. His call was inclusive, not exclusive, and certainly not divisive. Exclusiveness and divisiveness are destructive forces that eventually tear societies apart. “Love thy neighbor” is a creative force that helps to unify societies and nations. Muhammad and Buddha did not refer to themselves as a Muhammadan, or a Buddhist. Krishna was like the other Prophets. They were all Prophets with similar purposes of “inclusiveness”, love, and devotion to God, the One and only God, our God.

So, what happened and after two thousand years we find ourselves, in many cases, separated into dogmatic religious cults whose apparent purpose is self-righteousness, divisiveness, bigotry, and even hatred for our fellow human beings? Obviously, something very seriously went wrong during the twenty centuries that gradually transformed God-loving religions into exclusive cults. Let’s not blame our Creator for our predicament and the events that are about to transpire. God is not vengeful. Don’t even think of it. We got what we sought.

For those belonging to religious organizations that have been under the impression or illusion that they will experience Armageddon for the sole purpose of attaining exclusive entrance into Heaven, let there be no doubt that the Spirit of Jesus Christ and of our Creator is already here, around us and within us. We merely need to break the shackles of exclusiveness, cult-induced ignorance, superstition, and religious dogma. We need genuine prayer, love for all human beings, and a deliberate effort to attain peace and tranquility within us to help us bridge the gap between us and God.

In the case of non-Christian readers I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not trying to proselytize anyone to Christianity. There is no need for anyone to convert to another religion. In chapter 3, verse 35, Saint Mark tells us “For whosoever shall do the will of God, the same is my brother, and my sister, and mother.” In the final analysis, each person’s salvation is not predicated on his/her particular religion, but rather on that person’s ability to attune with God through genuine prayer. Loving God and our neighbors requires a personal effort. It is a spiritual experience that can only be achieved through genuine, deliberate effort and prayer in the most magnificent basilica, the finest cathedral, the most exquisite and imposing mosque, temple, synagogue, or pagoda – and this is the temple of your body in which your soul resides.

Reach into your higher-God-self and seek God-consciousness. That is where you become aware of God's presence within you. That is where you become aware of the universal spiritual brotherhood among human beings. That is where you close the gap between you, as flesh, and your higher-God-self, God's Spirit within you. And, that is how you reach spiritual enlightenment. There is no other way. This is what Jesus Christ and all the other beloved Prophets were talking about.

I also like to make absolutely clear that my involvement in writing this Website is not because I consider myself morally or spiritually better than its readers. I am not better. I am an ordinary guy, imperfect, a sinner, trying to constantly overcome my inner demons. I rarely attend church. Think of me as a twenty-first century fisherman, just like those twelve disciples who were selected for a task but had absolutely no idea why they were selected for and what God's purpose was. Prophet Muhammad and the other Prophets may have also been perplexed, wondering about the purpose of the divine assignment bestowed upon them. But, this is how Divine Will works. My dreams and hope were for me to relocate to the South, someplace close to the sea where I could do some fishing. Here I am, doing something I am totally unprepared for. My involvement in interpreting Nostradamus' quatrains also fulfills his prediction of Century III, quatrain 94. I will cover that in detail in the near future.

The next posting on this Website will be on the Apocalypse/Second Coming we have all witnessed but undoubtedly overlooked. The posting is for readers of all God-loving religions. In the posting I will have text from The New Testament, a lot of it. Everything I will write is a repetition of what was said before, but with a new radical twist.

You are all urged, regardless of your religion, to go to your respective house of worship, and pray to our God, the One and only God, our father.

Bless you.