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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Dreadful Antichrist

Interpreted September 6, 2004

Century X, Quatrain 66
The London premier through American power will burden the island of Scotland with a cold thing. Reb the king will have so dreadful an antichrist who will bring them all into the troubles.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
In her 1986 edition Erika Cheetham wrote: “The Premier of London at the time specified was Harold Mcmillan who had a good relationship with America. It was during his office that Scotland was burdened with the cold thing (the Polaris submarine). Roi Reb sounds strange but links this even firmly with another antichrist to come who will lead them all of them, i.e., Britain and USA, into trouble.”

The reference to “Reb the King” is interpreted as follows: the word “King” is a reference to “Head of State”. This could apply to a King, a President, or someone in charge of a country. The word “Reb” symbolizes “Johnny Reb”, the Southern Confederate warrior. A more detailed analysis is cited below, and you will see why “Johnny Reb” and President George W. Bush are symbolically identical. They are indeed a perfect match.

In 1986, when Erika Cheetham’s book was published, the interpretation of this quatrain was not possible because prior to the millennium and the historical events of the Bush/Putin “friendship” era, we could not relate this quatrain to President Bush. Now we can, with a high degree of certainty (see Century II, Quatrain 89). Quatrain 89 ties into all the other quatrains relating to North Korea’s future nuclear attack.

Century X, quatrain 66 also implies that President Bush will be re-elected, and it may be during his second term that he will face the dreadful antichrist. The quatrain also refers to Bush’s current problems with North Korea that we are already experiencing.

Don’t the articles below foretell what awaits Bush during his second term? Isn’t North Korea stalling for more time to build more nuclear warheads? If North Korea is so hostile now, how will they act when they have built a stronger nuclear arsenal? Aren’t future events predictable based on past or current ongoing events? Didn’t Hitler, prior to World War II, show similar hostile intentions? Do we actually need Nostradamus to tell us that North Korea’s intentions are hostile, and the likelihood is, that they will get worse in the future?

General Comment: “Reb the King” symbolizes “Johnny Reb” who was the Southerner Confederate soldier during the Civil War, when our country was divided into two hostile groups. During the Civil War Johnny Reb symbolized the “Southerner defender”, the “warrior”, the “protector” of the South. George W. Bush is proud of being a Southerner, and during his entire first term he has portrayed himself as a “warrior”, as the “defender” of the country against terrorism. Furthermore, our country is now just as divided, just as polarized. Emotions are just as high, as they were during the Civil War. Are all these similarities accidental coincidences? What about the deteriorating evolving events with North Korea that we are already experiencing? Are they also coincidences? You be the judge. During the National Republican convention on August 31, didn’t Laura Bush introduce her husband as “Reb” the warrior?

To confirm the fact that the symbolism “Reb the king” was by design and not by accident, let us refer to Century V, Quatrain 25. This quatrain describes Osama bin Laden. The expression Nostradamus uses to describe the spread of bin Laden’s ideology is “… true serpent”, in other words, his ideology spreads surreptitiously. Is there a better way to describe the spread of his ideology throughout the Muslim world? Isn’t this what has been happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and many other countries? Isn’t his ideology creeping like a serpent throughout the Muslim societies, in spite of our efforts to stop it? Had we read quatrain 25 prior to 9/11, it wouldn’t make any sense. Following the 9/11 event, as well as, our experiences with al-Qaida, quatrain 25 is clear, factual, precise, and relevant. It is a perfect description. Osama bin Laden couldn’t be described any better.

Interpreted July 5, 2005
At the time of my original interpretation of this quatrain, there was something puzzling me. I could not understand the relationship of “Scotland” and Nostradamus’ comment “ …who will bring them all into the troubles”. In other words, what “Scotland” had to do with “ …them all…”? Who were “them all”? Then, in early July 2005 I heard about the G-8 summit that was convening in Gleneagles, Scotland. Immediately I realized that Nostradamus may be referring to the representatives of the G-8, implying they would all be affected by the North Korean nuclear attack. The expression may also imply that the nuclear attack will take place while Bush is in office, or immediately thereafter. From a chronological perspective, at the time this prediction was made (about four hundred and fifty years ago), the G-8 meeting is considered to be very close to the timing of the North Korean nuclear attack.

The above explanation is worth mentioning because, once again, century X, quatrain 66 demonstrates the accuracy of Nostradamus’ psychic abilities.