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This blog explains interpretations of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, North Korea and the third antichrist, global warming, New Orleans, Osama bin laden, the current world-wide economic crisis, and his prediction on The Apocalypse and The Second Coming.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Date of The North Korean Nuclear Attack

BACKGROUND: In 2003 I interpreted several quatrains of Nostradamus related to current evolving events in the Middle East, Osama bin laden, global warming, a prediction regarding a nuclear attack by North Korea against oil producing countries in the Middle East, and the current world-wide economic crisis. All these interpretations were posted at in 2003. Since then I interpreted several more quatrains. The new interpretations are being posted here, and they are basically a continuation of what I posted in 2003. These Nostradamus quatrains with their related interpretations and comments are cited herein.

Interpreted on 07-13-2006; Revised on October 2008

Century X, Quatrain 74
The year of the great seventh number accomplished, it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter, not far from the age of the great millennium, when the dead will come out of their graves.

Interpretation with Explanatory Remarks
In this quatrain Nostradamus uses his usual convoluted way to give us an approximate date of the North Korean nuclear attack, as well as, to describe the circumstances under which mankind will gradually enter the period of “trials and tribulations” cited in Saint John’s Apocalypse. In other words, the word “games” is used as a chronological reference point to mark the turning point between the previous era of prosperity (and irrational euphoria) and the new era we are entering, marked by economic deterioration, higher unemployment, diminishing food supplies, higher food and energy prices, increased social and geopolitical unrest, and constant turbulence and uncertainty.

The expression “The year of the great seventh number accomplished” refers to the end of 2007. Then he says, “… it will appear at the time of the games of slaughter…” The “games of slaughter” refer to the Beijing summer Olympic Games, scheduled for 8 - 24 August 2008. He then qualifies this date by saying that it is “not far from the millennium…”, which is also correct.

The expression “games of slaughter” may be a reflection of the grueling nature and intense competition characterized by the various sport events.

The critical portion of the prediction remaining to be interpreted is, what does the expression “… it will appear at the time of slaughter” mean? The expression is, unquestionably, very ambiguous, and there is no way I could have interpreted it without the help of everything else Nostradamus has told us in other quatrains. (His quatrains are like a 1000-piece puzzle, and unless one is able to piece together a few related pieces together, only then we can get a glimpse of the whole picture he wants to portray.)

The interpretation of the expression is threefold:
The first part relates to the current on-going world-wide economic crisis which started to show its scope and depth of impact around August 2008. Nostradamus is insinuating that the current economic crisis will continue until North Korea’s nuclear attack, when conditions deteriorate even further.

The second part relates to North Korea’s refusal to cease their nuclear development program – a condition which enhances the probability of a nuclear attack in the future. North Korea’s refusal to open the country to foreign nuclear inspectors was announced around the time of the Olympic Games. (Note that even though North Korea has ceased its plutonium reprocessing, we don’t know what they are doing with their uranium enrichment program. In addition, they are progressing unabated with their long-range missile development program. So, all the ingredients for a potential future conflagration are still totally in tact. In fact, as they are strengthening their nuclear posture, their potential capability to inflict greater damage increases exponentially.) Nostradamus tells us that the third antichrist is Kim Jong Il and that he will attack oil producing countries in the Middle East unexpectedly. Nostradamus does not give us a precise date of the attack, but he is implying we are getting close to this event.

The third part of the interpretation infers that the current worsening world-wide economic conditions will gradually transition into the period when the effects of global warming will start impacting mankind with elevated seas, decreased food production and famines, serious climate changes, and mass migrations.

So, what is Nostradamus really telling us? He is basically telling us: Our life styles will begin to deteriorate initially due to worsening and protracted world-wide economic conditions, and later on, due to North Korea’s nuclear attack and upcoming global warming events.

The very last expression “…when the dead will come out of their graves.” vividly and succinctly portrays the gravity of what is waiting for mankind. The most important symbolism in the quatrain is that Nostradamus ties the “2008 benchmark” to the beginning of the Apocalypse[1].
[1] The Apocalypse will not result from the North Korean attack, but from the ensuing global warming, which Nostradamus describes in vivid detail. This subject will be addressed in a future posting.

General Comment: Let us now examine this prediction to determine its validity and probability of happening. We will, first, validate the information he is giving us in this quatrain in reference to information given in other quatrains. The second type of validation will be a comparison of the information in this quatrain in relation to current evolving events vis-à-vis North Korea. In other words, does “what he tells us in this quatrain” make sense in terms of current ongoing events?

First validation
Century II, quatrain 30: In this quatrain he describes the horror, the state of extreme depression and fear the people will experience. He tells us “never more horror nor the papers tell of worse in the past, …”. This is precisely the way people will feel when they see millions of people die, or getting sick from the long-term effects of radioactivity, other illnesses, and hunger.

Century II, quatrain 46: Here he says: “After great misery for mankind an even greater approaches when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war, disease”. Once again, he identifies the period of the attack as occurring right after the passing of the millennium, the year 2000. His symbolic expressions of “rain blood”, “milk”, “famine”, and “disease” relate to his expression of “when the dead will come out of their graves”; the predictions relate to nuclear mushrooms, and radioactive rain which will contaminate agricultural products and sicken people. Could the date of the attack be in 2012, a date predicted by many others to be the date of Armageddon?

In order to appreciate Nostradamus’ expressions, you need to recognize that he lived more than 450 years ago. Even though he was an exceptional psychic, he saw, sensed, and heard things that he may haven’t fully understood, or could not relate to the knowledge and living conditions of his time. A nuclear mushroom looked white, so he described it as “milk falling from the sky”. He referred to radioactivity as “rain blood” because radioactivity carried down by rain causes sicknesses, open sores, cancerous lesions, disfigurements, and bleeding. “Famine” refers to hunger and malnutrition resulting from the radioactive contamination of agricultural products, as well as, from the upcoming direct and indirect effects of global warming, which is bound to create serious shortages in agricultural productivity.

Century V, quatrain 5: Here he tells us that at the time of the attack there will be a manned orbiting space station. We do have a manned space station.

Century II, quatrain 29: Here he tells us “…and he will strike everyone with his rod”. “Rod” symbolizes the shape of a missile. It is long and slim, especially an intercontinental missile. This is the most obvious way to describe a missile 450 years ago. But the important information he gives us in quatrain 29 is the fact that Kim Jong Il will have many missiles and many warheads. We will examine this in more detail under the Second Validation, below.

Second Validation
Now, let us examine the timing he gives us (after 8-24 August 2008).
On July 4-6, 2006 we witnessed the testing of seven North Korean missiles (the Nodong & Taepodong II types). Judging from all public information (Internet, newspapers, radio, TV, etc.), North Korea has a multitude of operational short and medium distance missiles. Results of the July 6, 2006 missile test indicate that North Korea does not currently have operational intercontinental ballistic missiles. Current ongoing events indicate that North Korea is doing its best to attain a long-range missile capability. Nostradamus is telling us that they will have it. At least, they will have adequate capability to devastate the Middle East (the old Byzantine Empire which included the current oil-producing countries) and parts of Europe.

The first pertinent question is: “What could motivate someone like Kim Jong il to attack, and if so, why the Middle East?” (In other words, the first validation we need to make is to assess if Nostradamus’ prediction is credible and relevant to the situation we face in North Korea, as well as, Kim Jong il’s personality.)

The answer to this question is obvious. If external pressures mount to the point that Kim Jong Il feels threatened of being overthrown, as a final act of desperation the North Korean nuclear attack appears very logical and probable. But, there may be another potential reason to attack the Middle East. If the current world-wide economic mini-depression continuous for several years, Kim Jong il may consider it as an opportune time to destroy the world’s economies by striking oil producing countries in the Middle East. What does he have to lose? Isn’t he getting old and sick? How many more years does he have to live? Are any of his three children in a position to succeed him after his death? Certainly not. Does he care for his countrymen? Of course not. Furthermore, considering his, well-known bizarre behavior, the probability of such an attack is, indeed, probable. The North Koreans certainly know they cannot defeat us militarily, but they could devastate us economically. The existing risk factors of our financial institutions and the exorbitant, or rather irrational, national and private debt burdens could bring about an overnight financial collapse. We can be certain Kim Jong Il has not missed the point of the importance of oil.

Other pertinent questions are: “Has North Korea successfully-tested nuclear warheads? Do they have the technology to mount them on missiles? Do they have the trigger devices? And, do they have enough enriched nuclear material?”

The first three questions cannot be answered at this time. They probably don’t have these technologies, but all intelligence reports indicate they are working feverishly on these areas. Regarding the last question, Nostradamus is telling us that they will have a multitude of nuclear warheads. At this point I would like to note that many of the interpretations posted on in 2003 regarding Iraq/Middle East/global warming/Osama bin laden and North Korean evolving events are coming true.